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Do Bird Feeders Attract Snakes?

Bird feeders do not attract snakes directly, but snakes get attracted to the rodents and even small birds that are attracted to bird feeders. Therefore, snakes may hang out around bird feeders.

Do Bird Feeders Attract Snakes

Bird feeders contain pellets and grains, which snakes do not eat. As such, they have no reason to climb bird feeders to eat the pellets. However, they will climb the bird feeder and ambush unsuspecting birds (yes, snakes eat bird) and rodents feeding on the pellets.

Overall, a bird feeder may indirectly attract snakes, but the risk of snakes in your yard isn’t significantly enhanced by bird feeders. There are many greater attractants in the garden for snakes such as mulch piles, rock piles, and birds nests.

Do Bird Feeders Attract Snakes?

Bird feeders do not directly attract snakes. However, they attract rodents, and the rodents attract the snakes.

Snakes will happily feed on small birds and eggs, including chickens.

People who put up bird feeders in their yards are surprised that rodents come to eat the bird feed.

These rodents can be rats, mice, and even squirrels. Because of their presence, birds may not come, but snakes certainly will. The snake will hang out by the bird feeder to ambush rodents.

Snake will slither along the edge of a porch or up a tree to take a position to ambush the rodents feeding on the bird feeder.

There are many snakes that eat squirrels, and a vast majority will feast on mice. The rodents, especially squirrels, also attract venomous species of snakes, such as the rattlesnake.

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Do Bird Feeders Keep Snakes Away?

Bird Feeder

Certainly, not. There really is nothing that can scare snakes away but real animals, especially birds like owls and eagles. However. This still is not a guarantee for snakes to run.

Snakes will not get deterred by bird feeders. If anything, they will learn that the bird feeder is a gathering area for rodents, and rodentsare food.

In the wild, anacondas know that bodies of water are a point of convergence for animals. Because of this, anacondas hide under the water, with only their heads sticking up. Then, they will strike.

The same can be said for birdfeeders. Since birds hang out in the bird feeder, snakes will likely come over to ambush the birds.

Bird feeders do not scare snakes away unless the birds that go there are the snake’s predators. Falcons, eagles, and owls may eat the small birds feeding, and their presence can scare the snakes away.

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Do Snakes Eat Bird Feed?

Bird Feeder

No, snakes are carnivorous animals. All of them are obligate carnivores. Birdfeed is not meat, even if some of them are made of meat by-products.

Many bird feeds are made of seeds—they are made of a variety of seeds, nuts, and fruits. Some even have vegetables.

There are two stages to produce the birdfeed. The first step is to prepare the materials, and the second step is to mix them in a kettle.

In the United States, the birdseed industry sells 500,000 tons of birdseed annually. Many Americans live birds, and thus having a bird feeder at the front or back yard is not unusual.

This is great for birds but bad for them too. If a snake is around, the snake will find a way to get to the bird feeder. There is even this video on YouTube where a snake found its way to a bird feeder, despite the bird feeder hanging on a branch.

There are also some instances where the snake would climb and enter a birdhouse nailed on a tree. The snake did this in an attempt to eat the eggs or the chicks.

Here’s the footage mentioned above:

Do Bird Baths Attract Snakes?

Yes, they do. Unlike the bird feeder, a birdbath has water, and water is one thing that snakes need. Snakes need to drink water to survive.

Some snakes also enjoy baths, and it is why snake pet owners give their pets a snake bath from time to time.

In the wild, snakes enjoy soaking in warm water. In captivity, owners schedule a bath for their snakes. Some will mist the snakes, but a bath is better.

Snakes will come to the bath and soak themselves. They do this to absorb water through their skin. Snakes that are shedding also love to get baths.

Snakes bathe for several reasons. Those that live in tropical areas have to reduce the heat in their bodies. If the humidity is too low, snakes will certainly find comfort in the water. Stressed snakes in captivity will also use water bowls if there is no other place to hide.

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What About Bird Nests?

Bird Nest

Bird nests are more attractive to snakes than bird feeders. Snakes directly feed on the eggs of birds.

The presence of birds in a garden may be both an attractant and deterrent to snakes. Snakes are likely to hide from predatory birds like owls and kingfishers. But by the same token they will sneak into bird nests to steal eggs (especially at night).

Some bird nests are risky for snakes, especially owls and other birds of prey, whose sharp talons can make quick work of any intruding snake.

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How to Keep Snakes Away from Bird Feeders

Despite many claims online about snake repellents, none of them works. There is no scientific study proving that snakes are afraid of these chemicals.

There are even those that say that gasoline can repel snakes. However, this is far from the truth. No bird feeder can keep snakes away, even if the bird feeder looks like an owl.

Bird feeders are attractants for birds, and some small birds are attractants for snakes. Whenever one considers hanging a bird feeder by a tree, that same person must also seriously think of the risks of snakes coming to the area.

The only saving grace here is that if birds begin to learn of the presence of predators, they are not likely to come anymore.


Bird feeders do not attract snakes, but they do attract rodents that attract snakes. Snakes are carnivores and will be able to spot the prey feeding on the bird feer. If they realize that the bird feeders are the hangout spot of rodents, they will surely come.

Birdbaths are a different thing. They can directly attract snakes, especially during humid days. Snakes need water to survive, and they also bathe to balance their internal temperature.   

Overall, a bird feeder may indirectly attract snakes, but the risk of snakes in your yard isn’t significantly enhanced by bird feeders. There are many greater attractants in the garden for snakes such as mulch piles, rock piles, and birds nests.

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