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9 Codominance Examples

Codominance is the phenomenon where both the alleles of the same gene get expressed at the same time. As a result of this, the individual ends up obtaining multiple traits of that particular gene. Unlike most other instances, here no one trait is dominant over the other. Here all the traits of the respective alleles …

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15 Intraspecific Competition Examples

Intraspecies competition is the rivalry that happens within a species over a limited amount of resources. Such stiff competition can be quite devastating and lead to serious loss of population density of a particular species. But such competition also ensures that the evolutionary rule of “survival of the fittest” is fulfilled.Only the dominant and fittest …

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10 Penguin Adaptations (Evolutionary Secrets!)

Examples of penguin adaptations include paddle-like flippers, waterproof feathers and counter shades. These evolutionary adaptations help the penguin survive the harsh environment of the Antarctic and also evade predators in the cold sea. While penguins are predators, they are not apex ones. They need to find ways to protect their young, evade enemies and predators …

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