Does Lavender Repel Spiders?

The strong scent of Lavender may be able to repel spiders and other insects from your home. Lavender is sometimes used to repel insects as a natural alternative to toxic pesticides. 

It has the same smell as some human body oils and essential oils which may make some spiders uncomfortable, causing them to move on. To use lavender as a spider repellent, you can mix lavender with water or other essential oils to make a mixture that will keep spiders away.

Does Lavender Repel Spiders

Disclaimer: FaunaFacts does not encourage or condone the use of unregulated or home remedy animal repellents. Animal repellents must be used in accordance with the product labels and local regulations. Placing pesticides and chemicals around your property may be dangerous and can contravene local laws. Do not approach wild animals. Consult a pest control professional for advice on what’s best for your situation.

Does Lavender Repel Spiders?

Lavender may repel some spiders, however, if you have a problem you should always seek help from a qualified pest control professional.

Putting a lavender plant itself may not be as effective as using concentrated lavender extract or lavender essential oils.

One theory as to why lavander repels spiders is that they can’t differentiate between the smell of lavender and the smell of large living creatures, which they are afraid of.

Essential oils have been scientifically proven to keep some spiders away, especially if you’re looking to stop them from entering your home.

Note that lavender is not an effective strategy to treat spider infestations, which require professional treatment by a qualified pest controller.

Lavender can be an excellent, natural alternative to harmful chemicals, However, even lavender can have some negative effects on your body if you don’t use it correctly, especially to sensitive areas such as your eyes or skin.

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How to Use Lavender to Repel Spiders

The most effective way to use lavender to repel spiders is to use lavender essential oils. Put a few drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle with water. Shake to mix thoroughly, and then spray areas where you have seen spider webs or have seen spiders crawling around.

You don’t need to spray it on your entire house, just try to focus on certain areas where you have seen spiders. The smell may help keep the spiders away from that area for several days. To increase the longevity of the smell, just use more lavender oil in your mixture.

Note that spiders can be very territorial and like other insects, they often occupy territories where they feel safe (in this case, your house). So make sure to cover many different areas if you want to cover all of their possible territories.

Alternatively, you can mix the lavender essential oil with other essential oils. One option is to mix it with peppermint oil since spiders seem to hate the smell of peppermint (and many other plants that are part of the mint family). It is important to know that you will need to spray this mixture on a regular basis, every week or so.

If you opt for using essential oils with lavender, you need to know that you’ll be making a slightly more potent mixture with this method. For this reason, you’ll need to be a bit more careful with the lavender oil, because if it gets onto your body and skin, it can cause some irritation.

Why Lavender is Effective

Lavender is effective at repelling some spiders due to its strong scent. To spiders, the smell of lavender oil is similar to the smell of humans, which spiders are scared of.

Lavender also has properties that are similar to mint or eucalyptus essential oils. This unique smell makes spiders uncomfortable, causing them to move on instead of trying to get rid of the smell by killing it.

Other essential oils such as lavender oil have been proven to be very effective for repelling spiders and other insects. Essential oils have properties that deter some insects, while some insects seem to be attracted to the smell.

A few plant oils that are repelling spiders are spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and thyme.

The best way to act on the repelling properties of essential oils is by mixing them with water or another natural solution. Also, you’ll find several lavender essential oil recipes you can try. 

Lavender Spider Repellent Tips

One thing that you need to know is that a lavender plant by itself will not repel spiders. You may see better results with a concentrated lavender extract or spray.

Also, lavender oil only has a set time of duration until it is rendered ineffective. This is because the oil will lose its smell and it will not be as effective at repelling spiders, so you will need to re-spray the areas where you want to prevent spiders from coming from time to time to make sure they don’t keep coming.

Note that lavender oil is not an effective strategy for killing spiders or stopping infestations. If you happen to have a spider infestation in your home and you want to stop it, you’ll want to hire an exterminator.

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Lavender can be a natural and effective solution for repelling spiders. It can be used in combination with water or other essential oils, which will allow you to keep spiders from entering your home.

You can use it in a spray bottle and upload it onto spider webs, where you’ve seen them before. After spraying the area, try to keep the spray around for several days, and then repeat if you need to.

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