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What Do Boa Constrictors Eat?

What do Boa Constrictors eat?

Boa Constrictors have a varied diet that includes rats, large lizards, bats, mongoose, and squirrels, and even birds. Boa constrictors, however, rarely eat in the wild. They have evolved to have a slow metabolism. Some of them may not eat for weeks or even months. In captivity, the same principle applies, but some owners feed …

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Does Lavender Repel Spiders?

Does lavender repel spiders?

The strong scent of Lavender may be able to repel spiders and other insects from your home. Lavender is sometimes used to repel insects as a natural alternative to toxic pesticides.¬† It has the same smell as some human body oils and essential oils which may make some spiders uncomfortable, causing them to move on. …

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Are There Bears In Scotland?

Are there bears in Scotland?

There are bears in Scotland today, but these species only exist in captivity. Several wildlife parks in Scotland contain Brown bears, Polar bears, Sun bears, and Giant Pandas. However, there have been no wild bears in Scotland since the Middle Ages. The extinction of Brown bears is a bit of a mystery, though there are …

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Can Bears Climb Trees?

Can bears climb trees?

Most bears are proficient tree climbers. Spectacled bears and Sun bears are especially good at climbing trees, searching for insects and birds to eat, while some heavier bears like Polar Bears are unable to climb trees due to their weight. No matter a bear’s reason for clambering up timber, it’s still surprising to learn that …

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