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Why Do Alligators Bellow? (What It Really Means)

Alligators bellow for three reasons: breeding, socialization, and territorial ownership.  Alligators bellow pretty much every year. However, the bellowing is much more active during the mating season. The sound that an alligator makes is in direct proportion to its size—the louder the bellow, the bigger the gator. What Happens When an Alligator Bellows? When a …

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Are Alligators Amphibians? (Alligator Taxonomy Guide)

Alligators are not amphibians, they are reptiles. Alligators belong to the order Crocodilia within the Reptilia class of animals, whereas amphibians belong to the order Lissamphibia inside the Amphibia class. There are many physical differences between reptiles and amphibians, the most notable being that juvenile amphibians go through a larval stage before metamorphosing into their …

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Can Crocodiles Breathe Underwater?

Crocodiles cannot breathe underwater. As reptiles, crocodiles need to breathe with their lungs—they are not like fish with gills. They also cannot breathe through their skin or scale as they are not amphibians. However, crocodiles can stay underwater for a long time. While there really is no accepted consensus as to how long they can …

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Do Crocodiles Eat Hippos?

Crocodiles rarely feed on hippos, but it is possible in some situations. In the wild, crocodiles only eat hippos that have already died, or if the hippo is a baby that strayed away from its group.  Crocodiles will never attack an adult hippo. They are afraid of hippos and would steer clear of them. While …

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