Stuart is the editor of Fauna Facts. He edits our writers' work as well as contributing his own content. Stuart is passionate about sustainable farming and animal welfare and has written extensively on cows and geese for the site.

Do Cows Drink Milk?

Cows do drink milk, but usually only while they are calves. Adult cows don’t drink milk naturally, although on very rare occasions farmers may allow dairy cows to drink milk to boost their nutrients. In this article, we’ll be finding out about the special milk cows make for their calves, why adult cows don’t drink …

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Do Cows Like Being Milked?

Cows do like being milked, since it relieves the pressure caused by excess milk building up in their udders. Some cows love being milked so much that they line up outside the milking parlor in anticipation. In this article, we’re going to find out more about cow milking and discover why they love being milked …

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Can You Ride a Cow?

Yes, you can ride a cow. Though it’s not too common in the developed world any more, cows are regularly still used in Asia for transporting both people and cargo, and for pulling heavy farming equipment. In this article we’ll learn more about riding cows, what type of cows are suitable for riding, and look …

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Do Cows Cry Tears? (Fear, Grief and Loneliness in Cows)

Cows are highly intelligent creatures, whose high level of emotional intelligence means they can feel a range of complex emotions including joy, fear, grief, and loneliness. Cows can cry both audibly and by shedding tears and commonly cry when they are scared, lonely, or when they are experiencing grief for their lost calves. In this …

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Do All Cows Have Udders?

All breeds of cows can have udders, but visible udders are only present in female cows who are either pregnant or have already had a calf. In this article we’ll be exploring the topic of cow udders to learn which types of cows can have udders and why, and dispelling some incorrect but commonly held …

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Do Cows Have Horns?

Most cows do have horns, though they are often removed to prevent injury to farmers in a process called disbudding, and some breeds have been selectively bred not to grow horns at all.  We categorize cows into three categories based on whether or not they have horns: For a general idea of which cows do …

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