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Bear vs Crocodile: Who Would Win?

A bear would be able to win in a fight with a crocodile if the fight were on land, but a crocodile would win the fight if the fight were to take place in water.

The bear would have the upper hand if it ever attacks the crocodile on land because of its size and power but the crocodile will be forceful in water because of its ability to hold its breath for longer periods and its feared death roll.

In this article, we’ll take a look at bears and crocodiles and compare the two animals to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Bear vs Crocodile

Polar Bear vs Crocodile

Polar Bears and Crocodiles both reside in isolated areas that can be described as polar opposites on the globe. The crocodile lives in swamps and rivers while the polar bear calls Arctic ice sheets and open water home.

Polar BearCrocodile
HabitatArctic Tundras and Ice SheetsSwamps and Rivers
SizeUp to 5 Feet in Length (1.5 metres)Up to 19 Feet in Length (6 metres)
WeightUp to 1700lbsUp to 1150lbs
Bite ForceUp to 1200 PSIUp to 3700 PSI

Polar Bear vs Crocodile Strength

The average length of an adult male polar bear is 3.5 to 5 feet (1 to 1.5 meters) whereas the average length of an adult male crocodile is 3.5 to 6 m (11 ft 6 inch to 19 ft 8 inches).

The weight of a polar bear ranges from 770 pounds to 1,700 pounds and that of a male crocodile can be up to 1,151 lb.

Polar Bear vs Crocodile Attack

Both animals are very strong in nature. Both creatures use their size and power to fight with other animals or humans when threatened.

Their large jaws, sharp teeth, and claws add to their power and it makes them very dangerous when hunting for prey.

The bite force of a crocodile can be up to 3,700 pounds per square inch while the bite force of a polar bear can be up to 1,200 PSI.

So, it is obvious that the crocodile will have a slight edge over the polar bear when it comes to bite force.

Polar Bear vs Crocodile Fight (Who Would Win?)

Due to its extreme size and weight, it’s likely that a polar bear would win in a fight between a crocodile and a polar bear.

Although the polar bear is known for being one of the most ferocious predators in the world, it would have its work cut out for it against a crocodile.

Even though a polar bear can weigh well over half a ton, that still doesn’t compare to the potential danger that an angry croc could pose.

The first reason why a polar bear would win is because of its strong body. Unlike crocodiles, polar bears are not cold-blooded creatures.

Since they live in freezing environments where the ice cap can reach temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, their bodies have adapted to survive these conditions without becoming sluggish.

A second reason why a polar bear would win is because of its thick fur coat. Although you might think of the fur coat of a polar bear as being something that makes them look cuddly or cute, it actually performs several vital roles for them in terms of survival.

Things such as protecting them from extreme cold and from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, insulation against heat loss in cold weather, camouflage when hunting prey in the arctic tundra, and protection from bites from other polar bears are all things that a polar bear’s fur coat helps them out with.

Another reason why a polar bear would win is because of its size. Polar bears can weigh up to a ton or more!

This means that they have a huge amount of strength behind them when they attack their prey.

Even though there is no doubt that a crocodile is still incredibly dangerous in its own right, if you look at the facts it is clear that a polar bear would stand a much greater chance of coming out on top.

Grizzly Bear vs Crocodile

A grizzly bear and a crocodile would fight to the death if they were pitted against each other in a battle of strength, speed, and endurance.

The crocodile is slower than the average bear and can hold his breath for more than an hour, however, if this battle would take place in water the crocodile would have a distinct advantage.

The grizzly’s inability to stay underwater for long periods of time like the crocodile would definitely give the crocodile the upper hand.

Grizzly BearCrocodile
HabitatForests and PlainsSwamps and Rivers
SizeUp to 10 Feet.Up to 19 Feet in Length (6 metres)
WeightUp to 800lbsUp to 1150lbs
Bite ForceUp to 975PSIUp to 3700 PSI

Grizzly Bear vs Crocodile Strength

If we were to compare these two animals’ strengths against each other, we would see that crocodiles are more suited for water while grizzly bears are better on land.

Saltwater crocodiles top all of the crocodiles in size all growing up to 23 feet in some cases.

Although they live predominately in water, they can easily go on land and move rather quickly for their size (15 mph).

They use their powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth (60+ along the jaw) to catch prey like antelope, wildebeest, zebras, impalas, and small hippos.

Their main diet consists mostly of fish but they often venture out on land if they feel it necessary.

A large grizzly can grow anywhere from 6ft to 10ft. with a weight of 400-800lbs depending on the food supply and time of year for mating, hibernation, or prepping for winter.

They often feed on berries, roots, leaves, honey from beehives, fish (salmon mostly), carrion, and even big animals when they are able to bring it down such as moose and elk.

The grizzly has the power advantage to pull a crocodile of the same weight out of the water where it has the upper hand due to the grizzly bear having much higher stamina than a crocodile.

Grizzly Bear vs Crocodile Attacks

Crocodiles mostly use ambush attacks on land where they can drag animals down into the water or off cliffs so they can drown in deep waters.

When it comes to bears, they usually attack with swipes using claws and mouths filled with huge teeth.

Grizzly bears have one of the most powerful bites of all animals (up to 975 PSI).

Although both species carry weapons that could kill each other which would come down to who is faster and luckier when fighting similar styles.

The crocodile will either stay hidden underwater until prey passes by and it can drag the victim under with their mouth and strong jaws.

The bear on the other hand will either wait for an animal to come near them so they could pounce on top of them or swipe at them with claws making deep gashes in their skin.

Grizzly Bear vs Crocodile Fight

Were a grizzly and crocodile to fight on land the grizzly would be the clear winner due to it being more powerful than the crocodile and faster.

Both these animals have the advantage in their own territory.

If they were to fight, the most likely outcome is that the crocodile would win in water because its jaws are much more powerful than bears and the crocodile has tough scaly skin that would protect it from the bite of the grizzly bear.

Black Bear vs Crocodile

Black bears are known for being the “gentle giants” of North America. They’re not quite as big or ferocious as their brown and grizzly cousins.

They’re very agile and fast despite their size. And they can move through the water at speeds of up to 20 mph.

The black bear is the smallest out of all of the bears weighing between 130 to 660 pounds, and up to 3 feet tall when standing on all fours.

Black BearCrocodile
HabitatForestsSwamps and Rivers
SizeUp to 3 Feet tall.Up to 19 Feet in Length (6 metres)
WeightUp to 660lbsUp to 1150lbs
Bite ForceUp to 980PSIUp to 3700 PSI

Black Bear vs Crocodile Strength

The crocodile is more powerful than the black bear because it has longer jaws and more powerful bite.

It can bite down with around 3,000 pounds per square inch of force. That’s enough to crush a bowling ball in one chomp!

The crocodile also has the advantage in the water because it is stronger and faster than any bear.

Although the crocodile has a stronger bite than the black bear the main advantage the black bear has on land is that they have powerful neck muscles that enable them to drag animals several times their size up trees and deep into the woods and up trees to devour in peace.

Black Bear vs Crocodile Attack

Both the black bear and crocodile have enormously strong jaws whereas the crocodile has a jaw that can clamp down with a force of 3,700 pounds per square inch the black bear only has a bite force of 980 PSI.

This means that the crocodile can bite through just about any bone in its path with ease, but it’s worth noting that it cannot chew its food as most animals do.

Instead, the alligator tears piece off and swallow them whole.

A bear is covered with fur and thick skin that offers protection from other animals’ bites but will not withstand the bite of a crocodile.

Crocodiles are protected by scales that are tough to penetrate even for a bear with sharp teeth.

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Black Bear vs Crocodile Fight

The crocodile’s jaw strength, body mass, and overall level of aggression will prove too powerful for an average black bear to handle.

Even if one could find a way to avoid being killed by a bite from those massive jaws, there is no way to prevent being drowned after being dragged into the water.

The black bear is a resourceful creature that may be able to outmaneuver the crocodile once, but tiring it out would be difficult considering how simple it is for them to swim in comparison.


While both animals are formidable opponents, the crocodile has several advantages over the bear.

The Nile or African Crocodile is larger and more powerful than a grizzly with jaws that can crush bone.

They have an acute sense of smell, good eyesight for hunting in water as well as on land – making them difficult to ambush.

Their skin is armor-like which protects against bites from other crocodiles and slashing claws of bears. 

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