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Bear vs Lion: Who Would Win?

Looking at only the weight advantage, a bear would probably win in a battle with a lion.

The average male lion weighs in at between 330 – 570 pounds. The average bear is even heavier than the lion, with an average weight of 700 pounds twice as heavy as a lion.

Lions and bears are both apex predators in their respective environments that can easily take down prey of any size.

Bear vs Lion

Polar Bear vs Lion

Polar Bears can weigh up to 1700 pounds and lions up to 600 pounds. Since the lion is so much smaller than the polar bears, the lion’s attack would be ineffective against the polar bear and he would just get knocked out by a swipe of the polar bear’s paw or bite from its jaws.

Polar Bear vs Lion: Which Animal is Stronger?

Polar bears are stronger than lions.

The lion has a heavier build and its claws can disembowel an opponent. A polar bear’s front limbs are much more powerful than those of a lion, making it easier for the polar bear to kill prey.

Lions have been known to kill large animals with one swift blow from their paw. However, unless the lion is able to perform such a maneuver against the bulkier body of the polar bear, both will struggle for an extended period of time at close range.

This will give one combatant or another an advantage in terms of stamina and ultimately give rise to either predator overcoming his adversary; however, it is not likely that a lion will have a higher chance of success.

The polar bear would have the upper hand because while the lion uses its claws to attack, the polar bear has a bigger skull and a stronger bite force of 1200 psi twice the force of the lion making it a more efficient killer.

Polar Bear vs Lion: Who Has Better Weapons?

Both lions and polar bears use their teeth and claws to hunt. Polar bears are much stronger and larger than lions.

One advantage a lion has against a lone bear is that lions often hunt in packs, greatly expanding the range and size of prey they are able to hunt.

Polar Bear vs Lion: Who Would Win?

A polar bear is the largest, strongest terrestrial carnivore on earth. A lion would pose no threat to an adult polar bear, although a pride of lions working together may be able to take one on.

The reason that one or more lions may be able to defeat a single polar bear is that there would likely be several attacking the same bear at once, allowing them to tire it out before moving in for the kill.

However, this tactic probably won’t work if faced with the entire group of polar bears on their turf (the arctic).

A single polar bear can take down creatures much larger than itself, including elk, moose, and even musk oxen – which are many times larger than a large male lion.

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Grizzly Bear vs Lion

Grizzlies are well known for their strength and power. They can be very aggressive, especially if they feel threatened or provoked.

These two animals are both predators but they eat different types of food; lions mainly feed on hoofed mammals (such as antelope, wildebeest, etc.) whereas bears prefer prey like berries and roots, insects, etc.

Because of their diets and different habitats (Lions live in Africa, Grizzlies live in North America) these two beasts would probably not encounter each other very often in the wild.

If the two were to meet, the fight could go either way, depending on the size and condition of each animal.

Grizzly Bear vs Lion: Which Animal is Stronger?

Grizzly bears have a very strong bite force of 1,200 psi, they can pierce through bones with relative ease. Lions have a weaker bite force of 550-700 psi and as such would be less likely to penetrate the bear’s thick hide.

The bear has front claws which are used for hunting and defense while the lion’s sharp teeth and claws come into good use when it hunts its prey or defends itself against other animals (or humans).

Bears use their strength/power to full advantage in battle whereas the lion relies more on its speed and agility.

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Grizzly Bear vs Lion: Who has Better Weapons?

Both Lions and Grizzlies use their sharp teeth and claws to hunt, however, grizzlies have superior strength while lions have superior agility.

The size advantage may tip the balance in favor of the grizzly bear if the two were to fight.

Grizzly Bear vs Lion: Who Would Win?

However, even though the Grizzly Bear has fewer weapons for killing prey than the Lion, it is at least equally equipped with strong limbs and muscles for swiping those sharp claws across its enemy’s face.

The lion may be able to kill anything in any environment but it can not match up with an animal of equal strength on land with four paws like a grizzly bear.

If these two beasts fought one another in nature, there would be no contest; A Grizzly Bear would easily win over an African Lion 100% of the time.

Black Bear vs Lion

The black bear is North America’s most common species of bear. An adult male black bear generally weighs between 100 and 600 lbs while the female will weigh between 60 and 300 lbs.

The black bear is the smallest of the bear species but still outweighs an average size lion by 30 lbs.

This will be a close fight due to the two animals weighing almost the same.

Black Bear vs Lion: Which Animal is Stronger?

The chances are that if they were to fight then the black bear would probably win simply due to its strength advantage over a lion.

As strong as lions are, they are not truly made for fighting large prey. That’s why the black bear will likely come out on top.

However when you take into account that there is an offset difference in agility too, then things may swing towards the side of the lion as well as it is incredibly agile for its size which gives it an edge over a relatively slow bear such as a black bear.

Black bears are good climbers too, whilst the lion is only moderately better than terrible. The black bear can climb trees with great ease giving them the advantage.

Black Bear vs Lion: Who Has Better Weapons?

Black bears are stronger than lions, pound for pound. Their jaws are so strong, they can crunch through the shell of a turtle whit a biting force of 980 psi.

Hardly any animal preys on black bears due to their strength and defense mechanisms, which include claws that measure approximately 2-4 inches in length while a lion only has a claw size of 1.5 inches.

A black bear’s paws are also used as weapons when it has no other choice but to defend itself against an attack—and many animals have lost their lives this way!

Black Bear vs Lion: Who Would Win a Fight?

A battle between these two animals could potentially end in the death of one or both of them due to their massive size, high speed, and immense power.

But looking at the bite force and the weight difference the black bear will win in a battle with a lion.

Lions have around 3.9 inches on their canine teeth while black bears have 2.5 inches, but lions have smaller molars making them weaker than bears.

Black bears are more likely to retreat when they are being threatened unless there are cubs present, then it may fight back with deadly force especially if it feels threatened.

On the other hand, lions will not retreat and will fight to the death if it means defending their life or their pride.


While a bear will win every fight with a lion one on one, however, if you put a single bear against a pride of lions, the lion will always win.

The reason for this is simply because lions are stronger hunters than bears.

When a lion hunts, it will work together to tire the prey down enough that one of them can pounce on it and finish it off with their teeth.

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