Bear vs Wolverine: Who Would Win?

A wolverine would stand no chance of surviving a fight with a bear. Most bears outweigh wolverines by more than 30 times.

The wolverine weighs between 20 and 55 pounds while the average bear weighs 800 pounds.

The claws on the end of the wolverine’s feet are small and weak when compared to a bear, which has much larger claws.

There is definitely a clear winner looking at only the size alone, and if it was a one-on-one fight.

Let’s look at what would happen if the wolverine had to go up against a Polar bear, grizzly bear, and a black bear.

Bear vs Wolverine

Polar Bear vs Wolverine

The wolverine’s claws are no match for the size of a bear’s claws. The polar bear has larger paws that measure around 3-4 inches across, which are capable of digesting any living creature they are able to capture.

On average bears can eat 90 pounds of food each day which means that two wolverines will be enough to fill their diet each day.

AttributesPolar BearWolverine
Weight770 – 1700 lbs20 – 55 lbs
Length5.9 – 7.8 Feet2.1 – 3.5 Feet
Speed25 mph30 mph
Lifting Weight300 – 400 lbs100 lbs
Bite Force1,200 ps1105 psi
Claw Length2.5 inches1 inch
Teeth Length5 cm1 inch

Polar Bear vs Wolverine: Which is Stronger?

Although the claws on a wolverine may seem intimidating, a polar bear is much stronger than a wolverine.

A polar bear can easily break through the ice and swim long distances to catch its prey; wolverines do not have this ability.

A polar bear is the largest species of bear in the world. They are very burly, strong, and can weigh up to 1,700 pounds.

The wolverine is no match for the power of this animal; they would simply be knocked down by a swipe of its paw.

Polar Bear vs Wolverine: Who has Better Weapons?

The polar bear’s primary weapon is his strength. They are able to kill an animal just by swiping at it with a paw, even if the bear misses they can still cause massive damage.

In addition to their strength, a polar bear also has massive canine teeth that are between four and five inches long.

A wolverine cannot compete with this type of weaponry.

If the bear cannot cause enough damage with its claws or teeth, then the polar bear will most likely be able to crush it by sitting on top of it.

Polar Bear vs Wolverine: Who Would Win a Fight?

The wolverine would most likely leave the area if it detected an approaching polar bear, and the two do not share a habitat in the wild. If the two did somehow meet, it’s unlikely that a wolverine would survive an encounter with a determined polar bear.

If the two animals fought then the outcome would be as expected, as it is for most animals that do not co-exist.

One of the animals would be killed, and one would walk away – most likely with a fatality.

And unfortunately this time the wolverine would not be able to walk away.

Grizzly Bear vs Wolverine

Grizzly bears are large ursine mammals with enormous claws and teeth, which they use to kill their prey, where as wolverines are the largest of all the remaining viverrids. Wolverines share a family with civets, genets, mongooses, fossa, and linsangs.

Of course, grizzlies have longer claws and bigger jaws and necks than wolverines.

However, wolverines have a reputation of being tenacious fighters and can hold their own against larger predators such as bears, wolves, and humans.

Weight700 – 1700 lbs20 – 55 lbs
Length6.5 Feet2.1 – 3.5 Feet
Speed30 mph30 mph
Lifting Weight1,100 lbs100 lbs
Bite Force1,200 lbs105 psi
Claw Length4 inches1 inch
Teeth Length3 inches1 inch

Grizzly Bear vs Wolverine: Which Animal is Stronger?

A grizzly bear’s bite is more than 10 times as strong as the bite of a wolverine.

As one of the world’s largest terrestrial mammals, grizzly bears are not to be messed with.

The teeth of a grizzly bear can grow up to 3 inches long and have a bite force of 1200 psi!

They also have insanely strong necks that can lift around 1,100 lbs.

Wolverines, on the other hand, are not quite as powerful in size and stature. Their front paws have claws that can grow up to 1 inch long, and their bite force is around 105 psi which is comparable to a large dog.

Grizzly Bear vs Wolverine: Who has Better Weapons?

The Grizzly Bear has a tough hide, sharp claws, and massive strength. The Wolverine also has thick skin, can pierce it with its’ sharp claws, and is strong enough to carry prey twice its own weight.

The Grizzly is more intelligent than the average bear. It can remember locations of where it has previously found food, and also remembers where other predators are located.

Along with this intelligence, the Grizzly Bear shows some tool use by using trees or logs to reach food that is out of their reach.

The Wolverine has an above-average sense of smell, which helps it when hunting. It also uses its keen sense of hearing to locate prey in the densest part of the forest.

The Wolverine’s intelligence level is not easily determined due to a lack of research on their behavior and habits, but it is believed that they are as intelligent as a typical canine.

Grizzly Bear vs Wolverine: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Due to the enormous size of a grizzly bear, there is no way that the wolverine could ever beat a grizzly in a fight.

The Wolverine is the largest member of the Mustelidae (weasel family) that lives in North America.

The grizzly bear is the largest species of bear in North America. It has been recorded that Grizzly Bears can get up to 1700 pounds (771 kilograms), while Wolverines are only about 20-55 pounds (9-25 kilograms).

Black Bear vs Wolverine

Black bears and wolverines are both formidable animals that can be found in the wild. While they would certainly not be seen as natural enemies, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility for a fight between these two creatures to occur.

Both Black Bears And Wolverines, who are known for being aggressive and territorial animals.

AttributesBlack BearWolverine
Weight160 – 600 lbs20 – 55 lbs
Length3 Feet2.1 – 3.5 Feet
Speed35 mph30 mph
Lifting Weight3 x Body Weight100 lbs
Bite Force960 psi105 psi
Claw Length2 inches1 inch
Teeth Length2.5 inches1 inch

Black Bear vs Wolverine: Which Animal is Stronger?

In general, black bears are stronger than wolverines, however, black bears are some of the smallest bears in the world, so the difference in strength is less than with other types of bear.

When it comes to sheer physical strength, the wolverine is known for being one of the top predators in the world.

They are usually found living on their own or in small family groups, with males having a significantly larger territory than females.

The animal has short, powerful limbs that are equipped with large claws. This allows them to climb trees and fight off prey or use to hunt with.

They communicate their dominance and readiness for mating by producing loud screams or howling noises, as well as leaving claw marks on trees to mark their territory.

On the other hand, black bears are more likely found in groups with a matriarchal family structure.

Males stay within the group until they reach the age of 2 when they are forced to leave by the more dominant females.

Black bears can often be found foraging for food in a group, which helps them to scare other animals away from their territory and increases their chances of finding a mate.

Black Bear vs Wolverine: Who has Better Weapons?

Wolverines are known for having extremely sharp teeth that can cause serious injuries to their opponents.

Their jaws are also very powerful, which allows them to clamp down on other animals with relative ease.

Wolverines have thick fur that protects their bodies from bites and scratches, all while providing insulation against the cold.

While bears do not have the same level of sharp teeth as wolverines, they make up for this with their powerful claws and strong bite.

Black Bear vs Wolverine: Who Would Win a Fight?

While a fight would be unlikely in the wild, a black bear would likely win in any encounter with a wolverine due to its tough skin and its weight and strength advantage.

When looking at a black bear vs wolverine fight, it is important to note that bears are usually at a physical disadvantage.

They are slower than wolverines, making them an easier target. Wolverines are also known for their high pain tolerance, which means that they can continue to fight even when they have suffered severe wounds or broken bones.

Wolverines are known for their sharp claws and relatively powerful bites, while bears rely on their strength to overpower their opponent.

Black bears’ sharp teeth, weight, and claws give them a major advantage over a wolverine, who will likely only be able to rely on their strength to win.


They both have thick fur coats, claws for defense, and sharp teeth. However, bears are much larger than a wolverine and they can make quick work of any would-be predators who think they’re an easy meal.

A wolverine can hold its own in a fight against any animal in the world, but when it is faced with such large and dangerous animals such as bears then it becomes more than just an easy meal.

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