Bear vs Jaguar: Who Would Win?

The jaguar is the third-largest big cat in the world, but it still won’t be able to beat a bear in a fight.

While they are not related to each other, they do have similar characteristics that would allow them to fight if need be.

They can both be found in Central and South America, which means that the jaguar and the bear would most likely meet in that habitat.

Both animals are strong swimmers and can hold their own against similar-sized animals in the water.

Bear vs Jaguar

Polar Bear vs Jaguar

Polar Bears are known to be among the most powerful land mammals on earth, with males weighing an average of about 1,700 pounds.

Not only is weight a good indicator of physical strength in animals, but it is also correlated with size.

Polar bears are among the largest meat-eating animals on Earth.

A male jaguar’s average weight is about 210 pounds lighter than an average male polar. Despite its smaller size, the jaguar’s muscular body makes it a powerful predator capable of taking down prey two times its size.

AttributesPolar BearJaguar
Weight770 – 1700 lbs120 – 210 lbs
Length5.9 – 7.8 Feet3.1 – 6.1 Feet
Speed25 mph50 mph
Lifting Weight300 – 400 lbs100 lbs
Bite Force1,200 ps1200 psi
Claw Length2.5 inches1 1/2 inch
Teeth Length5 cm2 inches

Polar Bear vs Jaguar: Which Animal is Stronger?

Polar bears are strong enough to lift on average between 300 – 400 lbs with relative ease. The average jaguar, on the other hand, can only lift about 100 lbs. Thus, the polar bear is much stronger than a jaguar.

The physical strength of an animal is typically measured by how much weight it can lift.

Size is not the only factor that determines strength in animals; stamina also plays an important role.

Surprisingly enough, larger individuals are not always stronger than smaller ones. A polar bear’s muscles produce more energy on a per-weight basis than do a jaguar’s, but if the bear has to use those muscles for long periods of time it will become exhausted.

In fact, polar bears can only swim relatively short distances compared to other animals its size.

Jaguars are about 4 times smaller than the average polar bear and have been observed swimming as far as 18 miles in one session.

A polar bear would not be able to catch a jaguar, but a jaguar can probably outlast a polar bear over long periods of time: the jaguar’s average stamina is better than that of the polar bear.

Polar Bear vs Jaguar: Who Has Better Weapons?

A polar bear’s large curved claws give it the ability to swipe at opponents with serious force; its jaws, full of sharp teeth, are also dangerous weapons.

Jaguars have smaller claws and generally use their paws as blunt instruments rather than slicing tools.

Although jaguars are not defenseless, they are at a disadvantage against their larger opponent.

A jaguar’s most effective weapon is its bite, which is fairly strong due to the jaguar’s large teeth and strong jaws.

The polar bear will have an advantage if both animals are unarmed since its larger size gives it more weight behind any attack.

If the jaguar does manage to get hold of a polar bear with its mouth or paws, however, it can deliver serious injuries that are likely to kill.

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Polar Bear vs Jaguar: Who Would Win a Fight?

In a fight between a polar bear and a jaguar, the bear would likely win due to its size advantage and better weapons.

However, it is unlikely that a wild jaguar would fight a polar bear for any reason.

Grizzly Bear vs Jaguar

The grizzly bear ( Ursus arctos horribilis ) is a subspecies of brown bear (Ursus arctos) that generally lives in the uplands of western North America.

The less frequently used name, grisly bear, derives from their name due to their coloration, which tends to be browner than the typical black of most brown bears.

The subspecies name, horribilis , is Latin for “terrifying”.

Weight700 – 1700 lbs120 – 210 lbs
Length6.5 Feet3.1 – 6.1 Feet
Speed30 mph50 mph
Lifting Weight1,100 lbs100 lbs
Bite Force1,200 lbs200 psi
Claw Length4 inches1 1/2 inch
Teeth Length3 inches2 inches

Grizzly Bear vs Jaguar: Which is Stronger?

Grizzly bears are much stronger than jaguars, with paws strong enough to take down a moose.

Jaguars are the third-largest cat behind tigers and lions. Males average at about 210 pounds, females typically weigh between 100-180 pounds.

Females are often smaller than males due to sexual dimorphism.

Male grizzly bears are one of the most powerful animals in all of North America.

They can run short distances at speeds up to 30 miles per hour and can break through concrete walls over 3 feet thick with a running start.

The odds of an average full-grown man surviving if he is attacked by an angry bear are zero to none.

In terms of pure strength, the grizzly bear is one of the most powerful animals on earth when compared to its own size.

They can easily out-muscle a lion and even send a full-grown moose packing with a swipe from its massive paw.

In fact, no other creature on Earth, other than the Kodiak brown bear, can boast a 1,000-pound weight to its strength ratio.

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Grizzly Bear vs Jaguar: Which Has Better Weapons?

Grizzly bears have amazing senses of smell, sight, and hearing. They are one of the few animals that live in a world dominated by sound rather than visuals.

A grizzly bear’s auditory perception is so advanced that it can hear a sound from over seven miles away.

They can smell food that is almost two miles away and their sense of touch is so acute that they can detect vibrations in the ground.

Jaguars are well known for their power, speed, and agility. They are extremely powerful predators with the ability to take down prey much larger than themselves.

Grizzly Bear vs Jaguar: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Adamantium claws similar to Wolverine’s in X-men would definitely help the jaguar win in a fight against a grizzly bear.

If there would be a fight between a grizzly bear and a jaguar the grizzly bear would win just because it’s just so big and strong. Plus that jaw is no joke.

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Black Bear vs Jaguar

Black bears and jaguars are two of the preeminent predators of Central and South America. Both species boast incredibly strong jaws, sharp claws, and powerful bodies.

When comparing the jaguar and the bear, their fighting styles are very different.

The bear fights on four legs with its claws outstretched to use as an offensive weapon, but it also uses its teeth to inflict damage.

Jaguars typically prefer to use their claws, inflicting damage on any animal that is much larger than them.

However, the jaguar would fight in the same way as the bear if it were backed into a corner or felt threatened because of its habitat.

AttributesBlack BearJaguar
Weight160 – 600 lbs120 – 210 lbs
Length3 Feet3.1 – 6.1 Feet
Speed35 mph50 mph
Lifting Weight3 x Body Weight100 lbs
Bite Force960 psi200 psi
Claw Length2 inches1 1/2 inch
Teeth Length2.5 inches2 inches

Black Bear vs Jaguar: Which Animal is Stronger?

The jaguar can clamp down on his prey with a bite force of 200 psi (pounds per square inch), and a black bear can bite down with a force of 960 psi (and can hold onto his prey with a jaw and neck strength of 2,125 lbs).

Both bears and jaguars possess incredible brute strength; both animals use their jaws to crush prey, tear meat, and hold onto food when necessary.

A bear’s jaws are also lethal when it comes to holding onto an enemy; the paws of both animals are used for swiping, grappling, and gripping prey.

Black Bear vs Jaguar: Who Has Better Weapons?

Black bears have relatively long claws compared to the jaguar. A black bear’s paws (and claws) can grow up to 2 inches in length; a jaguar’s claw grows 1 1/2 inches.

Jaguars are one of the few cats that kill by crushing their prey’s skull.

A jaguar can knock down a caiman, anaconda, or giant anteater with just one swipe of its paw.

The great strength in each limb means that the black bear will not be able to overpower the jaguar with sheer numbers.

In a fight between these two, both animals will have incredible upper body strength and weapons in their paws which they can use to attack their adversary…

Black Bear vs Jaguar: Who Would Win if they were Fighting?

A black bear is quite evenly matched to a jaguar. Neither animal is a natural enemy of the other.

If a bear is lacking an advantage (such as size), the best strategy would be to defend the bear’s vital areas and dodge attacks (and of course, run away if possible).

Jaguars can also win a fight by defending their vitals and using quick movements and speed to get away from danger.


In a fight between bear and jaguar, the bear has a clear advantage due to his incredibly strong jaws and strength.

A single bite from a bear could crush bones, pierce vital organs, and even break open skulls!

The jaguar doesn’t stand a chance against the bear in this aspect of the fight.

The only way a jaguar would be able to beat a bear in a battle is if it’s a juvenile bear, the bear is injured or it’s a small female bear.

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