Bear vs Gorilla: Who Would Win?

Most bears could beat a gorilla in a fight since bears are usually much larger than gorillas with offensive sharp claws and teeth. However, it depends on the species of the bear since some bears are much smaller than gorillas.

A grizzly or polar bear would beat a gorilla in every fight due to the bear being bigger and stronger.

Bear vs Gorilla

Polar Bear vs Gorilla

A polar bear is the largest, strongest land-based carnivore on earth and would likely hunt and eat a gorilla if the two were to somehow cross paths.

The Gorilla is the largest primate in the world and has been known to be one of the most dangerous primates as well.

The polar bear is an apex predator endemic to the Arctic Circle and has been known to attack humans on some occasions, but its large size makes it a less than perfect opponent for a gorilla.

Polar Bear vs Gorilla: Which Animal is Stronger?

A polar bear is stronger than a gorilla, though both animals are incredibly strong.

Male polar bears usually weigh between 770-1,700 pounds and stand up to 7.8 feet tall when on all fours. Gorillas are typically 6 feet tall when standing up straight, with an arm span of about 7-8 feet across.

Gorillas stand upright only part of the time – they walk on all fours for most activities or speed.

When walking on all fours, they are shorter than the average standing polar bear by several inches.

Polar bears are incredibly strong animals, but their strength is somewhat offset by their need to hunt seals – an animal that isn’t very heavy or difficult to catch.

Gorillas eat mostly vegetation and fruit, supplemented with insects and small animals from time to time.

Gorillas are incredibly strong for their size – they can rip a human limb from limb as well as pry open doors and windows to break into buildings.

If a polar bear is able to use its weight to push down on a gorilla or throw it off balance, then the bear will likely win.

But if the gorilla is able to use its strength and speed, the bear could be in for a much longer fight than it wants.

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Polar Bear vs Gorilla: Who Has Better Weapons?

Polar bears have razor-sharp claws and teeth and a bite powerful enough to crunch through bones. Gorillas have strong arms and a thick skull to protect the brain from injury.

In addition, they will use sticks, rocks, or whatever else they can find as a weapon if necessary.

A gorilla doesn’t have any weapons, all it has is strength and its nails which won’t do anything to a bear, all they can do is scratch.

A polar bear could easily kill a gorilla with its jaws alone.

Polar Bear vs Gorilla: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Both beasts are incredibly strong and powerful – but a polar bear has a massive weight and strength advantage and would have a distinct edge over a gorilla.

Gorillas are incredibly fast and possess the ability to break bones with their bare hands – but they have no natural weapons at their disposal.

If either animal is able to secure a good grip on the other, it’s likely that this fight would be over.

Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla

Grizzly bears and gorillas share many of the same characteristics, including a similar body shape, a preference for forested habitats, and near-ubiquitous distribution.

Despite these similarities, they are actually very different from one another in terms of their evolutionary history as well as their social behavior.

Furthermore, grizzly bears have been observed hunting prey, while gorillas have rarely (if ever) been seen doing the same.

Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla: Which Animal is Stronger?

The grizzly has a very large skull compared to other types of bears. This gives it a stronger bite force of 1,200 psi whereas the gorilla has a bite force of 1,300 psi.

Grizzlies are strong for their size which helps them chase away predators and hunt large prey.

Gorillas are primarily terrestrial creatures, while grizzly bears are obligate terrestrial/aquatic.

This means that gorillas spend most of their time on the forest floor. They are much quicker and more agile than bears, which helps them evade predators.

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Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla: Who Has Better Weapons?

The grizzly’s claws are also longer than other types of bears, this gives it a greater ability to defend itself from predators, but decreases its climbing abilities. In comparison, gorillas have no offensive claws.

The gorilla is the only primate that has fingernails instead of finger pads, this gives it a better grip than most animals.

Gorillas also have a very acute sense of smell and hearing, this helps them locate food or danger.

Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Grizzly bears and gorillas live on separate continents, but if the two were to meet and fight it’s likely that the grizzly bear would come out on top. Grizzlies are carnivorous apex predators in their habitat and can weigh more than a tonne.

Even though gorillas are primarily terrestrial creatures, they are much quicker and more agile than bears.

This gives them the ability to evade predators such as leopards and hyenas.

Even though both animals are strong, the grizzly bear has much more weapons in its arsenal for the gorilla to compete against.

Black Bear vs Gorilla

Black Bears are the smallest species of bear in North America and weigh about 400 lbs on average. This is only around half the weight of an adult male gorilla.

Is this the fight where the Gorilla will be victorious?

Black Bear vs Gorilla: Which Animal is Stronger?

Gorillas are much stronger than black bears, with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 4,000 lbs meaning it could lift up ten black bears!

Gorillas are not as fast as most predators, but they do have some adaptations that would make them a tough opponent for any predator.

A gorilla can run up to 25 mph on just two legs by using their arm strength! This is much slower than that of a black bear that can run up to 35 mph making it faster than the gorilla.

They also have extremely powerful arms that they use for climbing, fighting, and fending off any predators.

Black Bear vs Gorilla: Who Has Better Weapons?

Although gorillas’ claws aren’t as sharp as a black bear, a gorilla has such a large size and strength advantage over a black bear that it would come out on top of any confrontation.

One factor that makes the bear more powerful is its claws, which are long and curved for digging, climbing, tearing meat off bones, ripping tree bark apart, helping them on slippery surfaces, and self-defence.

Bears can use their claws to fight off predators like the wolves. They do not have any claws on their toes, but they are long enough to tear apart the meat of prey.

The Gorilla, on the other hand, has a fair number of special abilities and weapons.

They can be very aggressive and possess powerful jaws and fists to fight off predators.

They can also use sticks and debris to fight off any predators.

Black Bear vs Gorilla: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Because of the gorilla being much heavier and stronger than the black bear, the gorilla would be able to win this fight with ease.

When it comes to animal fights, we usually assume that the predator would beat the prey due to size and strength.

However, this is not always the case. There are many examples of prey winning over predators because of their ability to form group strategies to isolate and attack predators; or even because of the size difference.

And that is what happened in this fight between a black bear and gorilla!

That’s assuming the black bear doesn’t run away even before the fight starts.


A grizzly and polar bear would be able to win a fight with a gorilla due to having much more weight and better fighting skills.

But the Black Bear would be able to defend itself against most other animals, but it is unlikely that they could take on a gorilla in combat because of the size and weight difference.

Gorillas are very strong and fast, so the bear will need to rely on its sharp claws and powerful jaw if it wants any chance of fending off this beast.

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