Bear vs Elephant: Who Would Win?

Elephants and bears are not natural enemies, however, the largest elephants are more than 3 times heavier than the largest bear species, so it’s unlikely that a bear would pose much of a threat to an elephant.

Elephants also have a larger body mass, making the elephant more powerful.

Most bears are omnivores while elephants are herbivores, so the two are not natural enemies.

The African Elephant is the largest living land mammal, followed by the Asian Elephant which is the second heaviest.

Both species weigh more than five tons and can run at speeds of up to 25 mph for short periods of time.

Bear vs Elephant

Polar Bear vs Elephant

As the largest living land mammals on Earth, elephants are seen as peaceful giants of the animal kingdom.

With no natural predators, these gentle giants are not accustomed to fighting for their lives.

However, they are known for being extremely volatile if provoked, which is what would happen if an elephant came face-to-face with a polar bear.

Polar bears are ferocious carnivores that hunt seals and other marine mammals for food, but few things in the arctic will be able to escape once it is within reach of this clever predator.

Polar Bear vs Elephant: Which Animal is Stronger?

Elephants are considerably larger and stronger than polar bears. With an elephant’s tusks and the weight, it can lift almost the weight of an adult polar bear.

Polar bears are the world’s largest land carnivores. They can weigh more than 1,200 lbs (550 kg)! A large male polar bear may eat one ton of meat in a 30-day period.

Elephants are the world’s largest land animal. A full-grown African elephant can weigh up to 6 tons.

They have large, long tusks that they use for digging or fighting with other elephants. These teeth can weigh around 120 lbs (54 kg) each and can lift 8000 lbs.

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Polar Bear vs Elephant: Who has Better Weapons?

Polar bears are carnivorous and are built for predation with a powerful bite, razor-sharp claws and strong legs for giving chase. By comparison, elephants are herbivores and rely mostly on their large weight and size to defend themselves.

Elephants’ tusks are quite blunt and they rely more on their considerable mass to do damage, although some elephants have learned to sharpen their tusks using abrasive trees.

The polar bear also has the element of surprise working in his favor, he is very good at sneaking up on prey whereas the elephant’s feet are very large and he can’t sneak up on things too well.

Polar Bear vs Elephant: Who Would Win if they were Fighting?

The African Elephant weighing several thousand pounds more than a Polar Bear has huge tusks and trunks at his disposal, he also does not back down from a fight which can often help him in the long run.

The Polar Bear, on the other side of the scale, has a much higher bite force and more maneuverability in water or on an incline (like that found when fighting on ice).

While both animals possess similar attributes there is no doubt who would win this fight; the African Elephant with his massive amounts of power.

The polar bear is stronger pound for pound but with the enormous size of the elephant, a polar bear would find it difficult to take down an elephant.

Grizzly Bear vs Elephant

The grizzly bear has extremely powerful jaws that they can use to crush bones like celery. It is one of the most powerful bite forces (1,200 psi) in the Animal Kingdom!

They are able to kill brown/black bears (and their cubs), elk, moose, and deer. They also kill smaller animals like beavers, rabbits, and fish.

Grizzly Bear vs Elephant: Which Animal is Stronger?

A male elephant can lift up to 8,000 pounds while a grizzly can only lift 1,100 lbs.

An elephant’s neck contains 19 giant muscles that control its trunk and perform tasks such as uprooting trees while a grizzly bear’s neck contains only six large muscles.

Elephants have been known to rip trees from the ground using only their trunks or tusks.

An elephant’s neck strength has never been specifically measured, but it could range anywhere between 2,000 lbs. and 16,000 lbs. (1,100 – 7,300 kg), depending on its size.

With the elephant’s lifting power, it would be able to lift the grizzly up and throw him in the air with ease.

Grizzly Bear vs Elephant: Who has Better Weapons?

A grizzly’s fur is a great defense against sharp claws and teeth, due to the thick underfur being covered in long guard hairs that bristle when agitated.

Grizzly bears have been said to have “the most effective form of insulation known”.

A grizzly bear’s hide is 1 cm thick, plus an outer layer of long guard hairs. The fur is not soft, but rather stiff and coarse.

Elephant’s skin is very thick around its back, sides, shoulders, and rump. It can reach up to 15 cm (6 inches) thick on the forehead.

The skin on the belly is relatively thin. A full-grown elephant’s skin appears loose and wrinkled, but it is very thick especially on the back and the rump.

The claws of the grizzly measure between 2 and 4 inches. Even with these huge claws, they would not cause any damage to the elephant due to its skin being so thick.

Grizzly Bear vs Elephant: Who Would Win if they Were Fighting?

Elephants and Grizzly Bears do not share a habitat and are not natural enemies. If the two were to fight, it’s unlikely that the bear could harm the elephant due to its sheer size and thick skin, but equally, it’s unlikely that an elephant could catch an agile bear.

Elephants, the larger of the two species, have a reputation for aggression which is grossly exaggerated and are usually shy and retiring in disposition.

An adult grizzly bear may become dangerous when it has been driven into an arena where escape is impossible and it feels cornered.

They are extremely strong animals with sharp claws and powerful jaws and they will do whatever is necessary to protect themselves.

The Grizzly bear, with its incredible strength and ability to fight with claws and jaws, would be able to defend itself against the trunk and tusks of the elephant.

The elephant has no offensive tools that could be used against a bear, but they could still stomp on them or use their sheer mass to charge and trample the bear.

Black Bear vs Elephant

Black bears are often regarded as cute, cuddly animals that pose no threat to anyone or anything.

This is not true at all. Black bears have the potential to be extremely dangerous wild animals, capable of inflicting fatal injuries with their sharp claws and powerful jaws.

A fully-grown black bear can weigh up to 600 lbs – which makes them one of the largest land predators in North America.

Black Bear vs Elephant: Which Animal is Stronger?

The black bear is one of the most common and well-known animals in North America. The average weight of a black bear is 265 to 720 pounds.

Despite the size difference, the elephant only has two advantages: its trunk and tusks lift up to 8,000 pounds while the black bear can only lift up to 3 times its own body weight.

With these numbers, there is a clear difference in the strength of these to animals that would be a great advantage.

Black Bear vs Elephant: Who has Better Weapons?

The black bear has many advantages over the elephant in terms of offensive capabilities. According to the National Wildlife Federation, black bears have one of the strongest jaws of any other North American mammal with a bite force of 980 psi.

This would make it possible for the black bear to bite through the elephant’s skin, but not severely injure it.

The black bear also has sharp claws that could rip apart the elephant’s skin but would definitely not be able to cause damage to the main organs.

Black bears are also faster than elephants. If you were to compare the running speed between an elephant and a human, elephants would win.

A person can run up to 10-15 mph while elephants only run up to 25 mph.

Black Bear vs Elephant: Who Would Win if they were Fighting?

If an elephant charged at the black bear, it would most probably run away.

Black bears generally don’t like to fight and prefer to run. However, when they do fight, they will use their claws and teeth and swipe with their paws.

They have been known to kill prey like deer, horses, and even moose.

They will charge into an enemy with their tusks first or they can gore them with their tusks.

Their trunk is also used as a weapon by wrapping around the enemy and crushing it.

This battle would be an easy win for the elephant. The elephant could gore the bear with its tusks or simply use its weight to crush it.


The Elephant would beat the Bear in a fight.

There is no telling what would happen if they both fell in the water but with their superior strength, tusks, and trunks the Elephant would most likely win the battle even if it was in the water.

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