Bears vs Cougar: Who Would Win?

While a cougar is unlikely to attack a bear, a bear might attack a cougar if the bear feels threatened or if the bear cubs are in danger. In general, a bear would usually win in a fight with a cougar because bears are bigger and stronger than cougars.

These animals are both strong and powerful creatures that can do some serious damage if they were to come into contact with each other in the wild.

Bears vs Cougar

Let’s see which one would win when it comes down to fighting.

Polar Bears vs Cougars

Our Verdict: A Polar Bear would beat a Cougar in a fight.

Polar bears and cougars are both fierce predators that have been known to attack humans when they get too close.

Though polar bears are territorial and can be more aggressive than their feline counterparts, cougars are still able to command a lot of fear with their sharp claws and teeth.

Polar Bear vs Cougar Strength

A male polar bear can weigh over 1700 pounds while an adult male cougar only weighs about 140 pounds (females weigh less).

The size difference between these two creatures makes it pretty clear who has the upper hand here; a cougar’s small frame makes it a more agile and lighter animal, which means the polar bear is going to have a difficult time getting close enough to attack.

However, if these two predators were able to get into each other’s space then the larger bear would likely win.

Polar Bear vs Cougar Attacks

A cougar’s claws are much sharper than a polar bear, but the larger animal has stronger jaws that can probably overpower any other predator when threatened with ease.

In a battle of weapons, both animals can use their powerful jaws and claws as weapons against one another during territorial disputes or mating season.

A polar bear’s massive teeth are perfect for tearing flesh while a cougar’s sharp fangs help it to grab hold of its prey, which means the two predators have very different tools at their disposal when fighting each other.

The best chance that a cougar has in this fight is if they were able to get behind the polar bear and attack them by surprise; otherwise, they will likely be overpowered pretty quickly!

Both polar bears and cougars rely mainly on their claws and teeth as a defense mechanism.

So it seems like this battle will come down to who is faster and more agile.

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Polar Bear vs Cougar Fight (Who Would Win?)

A fight between both these animals could go either way depending on their motive for attacking one another.

However, an important factor to consider when thinking about bears or cougars going head-to-head is size – the polar bear outweighs its feline opponent by almost ten times!

In terms of weapons, while the cougar has much sharper claws than the polar bear, the polar bear has much bigger claws.

Thus making the polar bear the clear winner due to its size and strength.

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Grizzly Bear vs Cougar

Our Verdict: A Grizzly Bear would beat a Cougar in a Fight

Grizzlies usually attack by charging, whereas cougars stalk then charge their prey at full speed (up to 50 mph per hour).

With an estimated weight of around 700 pounds for grizzlies and about 200 pounds for the cougar, they’re both pretty heavyweights.

However, it is very likely that in most cases the bigger animal will be victorious.

If these two combatants were standing upright with equal footing (which let’s face it doesn’t happen too often) the advantage goes to the larger one.

Which in this case is probably going to come down either way to which one manages to utilize their full weight.

Grizzlies are more likely to have the advantage when attacking prey from above whereas cougars will be better at striking while standing on level ground – so both animals stand a chance in this fight!

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Grizzly Bear vs Cougar Strength

Both species have very powerful jaws with two large canine teeth used for killing prey by biting through the skull, vertebrae, or other bones enabling them to eat meat.

A bear’s jaw can apply approximately 1200 lbs of pressure per square inch – this would be enough force to crush a bowling ball!

Also, grizzly bears are able to swim up 300 yards in just 30 minutes and it has been reported that they have swum as far as five miles at one time.

The cougar is a nocturnal hunter that prowls the woods at dusk and dawn.

These cats do not pursue their prey but rather stealthily stalk and kill it, frequently leaping onto its back and fatally biting it in the neck.

They’ve also been known to leap over 18 feet horizontally while chasing prey.

Grizzly Bear vs Cougar Attacks

The grizzly bear has 42 teeth but the biggest weapon is its size advantage.

The cougar, on the other hand, has 30 teeth and uses them to grab onto prey’s throat or neck using their strong jaws for suffocation.

Both species are agile climbers, but the cougar can climb faster than the grizzly because all four paws are equipped with retractable claws that help grip surfaces like rocks and trees when scaling high places.

Grizzly Bear vs Cougar Fight – Who Would Win?

If these animals were to fight, it would depend on the environment and terrain they are fighting in.

The grizzly bear is a very powerful animal, which can kill its prey with one swipe of its mighty paw – but cougars have been known to take down full-grown moose so if their predatory instincts kick in and instinct takes over this could be an advantage for them as well.

Grizzly bears will fight each other when competing for food or mates whereas cougars may not because they generally avoid conflict.

If these two animals had to fight it would come down to size vs speed and also depending on who has the right terrain advantages should things get physical between these two predators!

Black Bear vs Cougar

Our Verdict: A Cougar could Beat a Black Bear in a Fight

These two predators are not thought of as natural enemies, but there is some evidence to suggest they may come into conflict over food and territory.

The black bear is the smallest of all three bears. However, it can still weigh between 160 and 600 pounds.

The cougar weighs less than 200 lbs at most making it lighter than a black bear even though they are both around the same size.

Black Bear vs Cougar Strength

In terms of raw power, there really isn’t much difference between these two animals- both are incredibly strong for their size with bears being able to lift heavy objects weighing over 300 pounds while cougars can drag prey three times their own weight.

They might not be as flexible or agile but when it comes down to brute strength you’d never want to run into either.

Black bears are capable of running at speeds up to 35 miles per hour, while cougars can reach a top speed of around 50 mph making them faster than their smaller counterparts.

Black Bear vs Cougar Attacks

A few things do favor a cougar over a black bear. Including more flexible spines for climbing trees faster, better claws for raking flesh from prey open after biting into its neck with a suffocating throat-bite causing death within seconds, and the ability to jump up onto prey from a few feet away.

Black Bear vs Cougar Fight – Who Would Win?

Cougars would win in a fight with a black bear because cougars are ambush predators so they would be able to catch black bears off guard if given the opportunity. 

They also have excellent vision and can move fast through vegetation, which makes them more likely to get an advantage over their prey by chasing it down instead of waiting for something unfortunate enough to wander close by!

Black bears on the other hand tend to go after smaller mammals like rabbits or birds but will eat just about anything that crosses their path including fruit, insects, and fish.

Both animals can climb trees as well although cougars do this with greater ease than your average bear since they’re quite agile thanks to their small size!

With all things considered, I’d have to give the advantage here to cougars mainly because their diet includes meat while black bears are omnivores so they eat more vegetation and insects than actual prey.


In the animal kingdom, bears and cougars are not natural enemies.

The Cougar (also known as Puma) is smaller than the Bear and has more agility with its speed and climbing abilities.

These features would allow it to get into areas of denser forest where Bears cannot reach them easily.

Additionally, their claws are sharpened for tearing flesh which could give them the advantage in battle.

On the other hand, Bears have much greater strength and size on their side and they don’t need to tear at prey like cougars do because they use brute force instead of weaponry such as teeth or claws when hunting.

This means that it’s possible they’d eventually wear out if fighting long enough against a determined Cougar who’s not willing to give up easily.

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