What US States Have Alligators?

The states that have alligators are Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Georgia.

Although gators live in these areas, some states have few geographical locations where one can find alligators. The two states that have the most gators are Florida and Louisiana.

What US States Have Alligators


Florida is the bailiwick of alligators. There are 1.3 million gators here, and one can find most of them in the Florida Everglades.

Florida is also the only place where alligators and crocodiles co-exist. The crocodile species found here is the American Crocodile.

All 67 counties of the state have gators, and they have a home in any wild habitat. Some people are beginning to think that these gators are a nuisance. As such, some of these gators are removed.

Even if authorities kill some gators, there is no significant impact to the gator population. These are gators that continually go to areas that have a human population. Captured gators do not always get killed. Some of them are just moved to remote places, so they cannot bother humans again.

There are alligators in the entire state. People are already accustomed to this. They know what to do if they see a gator. Sometimes, some areas get flooded, and the flood brings gators with them.

One of the places where one can find many gators is Lake Jessup. As one of the largest lakes in the state, it has many gators that enjoy the 16,000 acres of lake coverage. The estimated alligator population is between 10,000 and 15,000.

Florida, being the home of gators, has something to offer. Some restaurants here serve gator meat. If one is interested in seeing gators, the best course of action is to rent a tour and go to the Everglades.

The Everglades has a diverse ecology. One can see not only gators here but a myriad of wildlife, including rare birds and animals.

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Alligators in Mississippi live in the swamps, rivers, and marshes. The estimated number of gators in the state is around 30,000. However, there are no crocodiles in Mississippi.

In this state, there are two counties that the gators seem to favor as a habitat. These are Hancock and Rankin. In Hancock, there are 3,900 alligators. In Rankin, there are 2,400 alligators.

One thing that interests people is that the gators in Mississippi are larger than the country’s average gator size. As of now, no one knows why there is a difference.

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Gators have a presence in 120 counties in Texas. There are no crocodiles in the state. As for alligators, there is an abundance of them in the Sabine River.

From time to time, it is possible for people to spot gators in Houston. These gators typically bask under the sun near Waugh Bridge. Some are active in the Buffalo Bayou.

Here are some lakes where one can find gators in Texas:

  • Lake Lewisville
  • Lake Worth
  • Caddo Lake
  • Eagle Mountain Lake

Texas is home to around half a million alligators. People can find them in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and many other counties. Gators can live in the state as the climate conditions are excellent.

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There are more than one million alligators in Louisiana. It comes second to Florida as far as gator numbers are concerned.

In the state, one can find gators in many swamps, rivers, and lakes. However, the coastal areas are where one can find a massive number of them.

Here are some places where one can find a gator:

  • Cypress Lake
  • Honey Island Swamp
  • Lake Martin
  • Creole Nature Trail
  • Lake Charles

Gators occupy about 4.5 million acres of the state. The gator population is so huge that there is a gator hunting season here. Hunters pay for gator tags from the government each year, which gives them per it to hunt gators and sell them.


Alligators are common in the southern half of Alabama. Estimates indicate that there are about 70,000 gators in the state. One can find these gators in Escambia and Perdido, but there are no crocs in the state.

Here are some more places where one can find gators:

  • Big Creek Lake
  • Lake Forest
  • Lake Eufala

Back in the 1900s, the alligator faced the danger of extinction. Alabama was the first state to protect these gators. Alabama passed laws in 1938 to help conserve the gators. However, it was in 1987 when the gator got off the endangered species list.

North and South Carolina

The alligators in North and South Carolina do not boast the same numbers as in Florida. One can find gators in the coastal regions of these two states. There are no crocs in both states.

In South Carolina, most gators live in the coastal marshlands. One of the areas where one can find these gators are in the Ace Basin. It is their nesting grounds. 

In North Carolina, gators inhabit bay lakes. Most of them are in Robeson County. Their habitat can extend north to Gate County.

Here are the other counties where one can find lots of gators in North Carolina:

  • Brunswick
  • Craven
  • Hanover
  • Onslow
  • Pender

For both states, the gators are in the coastal areas, and rarely do they travel inwards.


Georgia, being close to Florida, has its share of gators. There are no crocodiles here. The estimate is that the state is home to 200,000 alligators.

One can find gators in the “fall line,” which is from Columbus to Augusta. There are also gators in Macon. Despite gator presence, gators do not naturally occur in the north. Gators that are in the north are most likely brought there by humans.


The American alligator is endemic to the United States. However, they have managed to spread over the years. Some gators managed to inch inward to the north. In the US, the alligator was once an endangered species, but thanks to conservation efforts, it has reached a healthy population. There are millions of gators now that there is even a hunting season to help reduce their numbers.

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