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Are There Alligators in Texas?

Yes, there are alligators in Texas. Alligators have a presence in 120 counties in the state, and they continue to co-exist with the inhabitants and other animals.

The American Alligator is the only crocodilian found in Texas. But, from the Sabine River to the Gulf of Mexico, there is no shortage of alligators in the state.

Are There Alligators in Texas

Are there alligators in Houston?

Yes, there are alligators in Houston. Most of the alligators are spotted in the Buffalo Bayou, and this is in downtown Houston.

One day, there was an alligator sunbathing near the Waugh Bridge. Many people who saw the alligator took their phones and recorded the incident.

Alligators are uncommon in this area, and it is why many people take to social media when they see one. Some said it was cool, while others said it was dangerous because there was a dog park near the area where the gator was spotted.

There were also reports of people seeing alligators casually swimming on the side of the Buffalo Bayou. These incidents caused alarm.

Will the alligators live permanently in the area? According to alligator experts, alligators will not live in areas if the water is not good for them. Because of these isolated incidents, experts say that the water has become healthy and that there is a food source.

It is a sign that the water is good enough for gators to thrive. As such, the idea that gators may live here is not farfetched. Other experts also confirm that seeing gators in any body of freshwater should not come as a surprise. 

Despite the uncommon presence of alligators in Houston, people want the government to post some signs warning people not to swim as there could be gators.

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Are there alligators in San Antonio?

Yes, there are alligators in San Antonio. They have made several appearances in the San Antonio River. According to experts, what brought the gators to the areawere the recent floods.

Floods have impacted the nesting habits of alligators. The same thing happened to their feeding habits. As such, changes are happening in their landscape, pushing them to move forward to other locations.

Alligators may also swim in Calaveras Lake, which is in Bexar County. A fishing guide once said that this is real, as he recorded a video of an alligator just casually floating around the lake. In particular, the gator was seen in the southeast part of the Bexar County lake.

The trouble was that this area is not far from where many people fish from the shore. So if an alligator gets wind of this, and it definitely will, it will pose a danger to pets and humans.

While people are alarmed and demanding action, experts say relocation is not a good idea. Instead, the right to do is educate people and tell them how to deal with these situations. According to officials, people must learn to co-exist with alligators.

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Are there alligators in Austin?

Yes, there are alligators in Austin. Kayakers once saw an alligator in Lady Bird Lake. Gators are native to the east and southeast of Texas. Although Austin is far from their range, they still have a presence in this area.

One officer of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said that an alligator is uncommon. However, he added that it was also not extraordinary.

Overall, there are roughly 500,000 alligators in the entire state. As such, one or two are always bound to find their way in human habitats where alligators are not a common sight. 

Texas is at the edge of the country bordering Mexico. The location of the state makes it accessible to alligators.

In addition to this, the state has many coastal marshes. As such, it is not at all impossible for an alligator to wind up on lakes and rivers in the inner parts of the state.

Some say that alligators in Austin may have been washed up by some type of flooding. Some speculate that the alligators go to Austin through the Colorado River. Others say that it may have been dumped by somebody—that the gator used to be a pet.

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Are there alligators in Texas Lakes?

Yes, there are alligators in Texas Lakes. With half a million gators in the state, there surely are lakes infested with gators in the state.

Here are some of the lakes that have gators:

  • Lake Lewisville–a great spot for wildlife activities; there are about a few dozen gators here. From time to time, tourists would see a gator crossing the street.
  • Lake Worth – a popular destination for people who love beaches and antiquities, the lake is home to about 15 or 25 alligators. These gators are what one would call nuisance alligators, probably trying to establish a permanent habitat in the area.
  • Caddo Lake – with 25,000 acres of an abundance of cypress trees, one should not wonder why there are gators here. This lake has bayous and swamps, making it an ideal place for alligators to live. The lake is also home to a wide variety of wildlife.
  • Eagle Mountain Lake – this lake is a popular fishing spot where people can also find wild animals such as white-tailed deer. Alligator sightings are rare, but they do appear here from time to time.

As far as the real habitat goes, the place with the most gators is the Trinity River. Alligators are native to the river watershed.

Since alligators love fresh water, they thrive so peacefully in Trinity River, away from human contact. The place also has rich vegetation and wildlife, which makes it an ideal basking site and home.


Alligators are found in Texas. While Texas is not a state where they number by the millions, there are 120 counties where one can see alligators. As always, people should leave the alligators alone and not attempt to feed them or do anything ridiculous. Alligators are present in Texas as it is close to the Gulf of Mexico, where many alligators thrive. Changes in the water condition in some lakes and rivers in the state also contribute to alligator presence.

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