What Do Hobo Spiders Eat?

What Do Hobo Spiders Eat

Hobo spiders eat primarily insects, such as ants, flies, mosquitoes, moths, and cockroaches. Occasionally, they will also eat other arachnids and spiders, but that will only happen if they have no other food. Sometimes, they’ll also eat human waste.

Hobo spiders hunt using funnel webs. These webs have a silk line that will alert the hobo spider when another animal gets caught inside the web.

Hobo spiders have powerful venom, which they use to paralyze any prey caught in their web.

What Do Hobo Spiders Eat?

Hobo spiders mainly live in human dwellings and other areas with a lot of humidity, so they have to adapt to those situations. They will eat almost anything they can find in those areas, including insects, other spiders, and human waste.

Let’s take a look at the foods that hobo spiders eat most commonly.

1. Insects

Hobo spiders create funnel webs, which will capture larger amounts of insects that are around their habitat. The hobo spider is not picky and will eat any insect or bug that gets caught in its web.

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2. Flies

Flies are commonly found in human dwellings where hobo spiders often live, so hobo spiders will take full advantage of their presence. Flies often get stuck in hobo spiders’ webs, sealing their fate.

3. Ants

Hobo spiders hunt ants because they are fairly easy for them to catch and often find their way into a web of a hobo spider.

The hobo spider may eat larger quantities of ants because they are usually found in large colonies.

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4. Mosquitoes

One good thing about hobo spiders is that they eat some more annoying animals such as mosquitoes. They will catch these flying insects by trapping them inside their webs and then consuming them with their enzymes and venom.

5. Moths

Hobo spiders often stalk their prey and when they follow moths, they often find themselves in enclosed spaces with a lot of light.

They might pounce on the moths, but most commonly, hobo spiders will construct their webs around the light sources moths are attracted to.

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6. Cockroaches

While cockroaches aren’t a main constituent of the hobo spider diet, hobo spider venom is potent enough to take down even large roaches.

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7. Other Arachnids

Hobo spiders are also not afraid of catching and preying on other arachnids, and especially other spiders. This will particularly happen if there are no insects around.

Hobo spiders are larger than most other spiders. They are great climbers and are agile, being able to run at speeds of around 40 inches per second, which for a spider of its size is quite impressive, which gives them an edge over other spiders.

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And because hobo spiders usually live in human-populated areas, they don’t have a lot of competition from other spiders. They mostly face daddy-long-legs and other similar house spiders, which they have an advantage over.

This gives them the ability to hunt spiders that are smaller than them, in particular. They can also prey on smaller spiders using their fangs, so they might catch them with these fangs and then apply the venom, paralyzing the spiders they catch.

8. Food Crumbs

Hobo spiders can go longer periods without eating, but sometimes, they need to make do with what they have in their vicinity.

Because most hobo spiders live in human dwellings, they will eat human waste, including leftover food debris and other smaller pieces of waste.

Hobo spiders don’t have teeth or powerful fangs that would allow them to chew down on large pieces of food, so they seek out small pieces of debris or scraps.

9. Other Small Animals

Hobo spiders mostly eat bugs and insects, but if they can’t find them, they will also hunt some small mammals and reptiles such as frogs.

Do Hobo Spiders Eat Pests?

Hobo spiders eat pests such as mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, flies, cockroaches, and even other spiders.

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While it might be helpful to know that hobo spiders might hunt down some insects in your home that you might see as pests, hobo spiders have a bite that is harmful to humans, so they are often considered a pest themselves.

If you’re worried about hobo spiders living in or around your home, it’s best to call an exterminator to remove them safely and make sure they can’t find their way back inside.


Hobo spiders are good hunters. They mostly use their funnel webs to hunt down insects and other animals but are also quite agile at the same time. This allows them to go after other arachnids and larger animals, and they also have a decent venom available to them.

Hobo spiders are often found in areas where humans live, so they also feed on human leftovers and other foods that they might find in the area.

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