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4 Eerie Spiders that Look Like The Brown Recluse

Spiders that look like brown recluses include wolf spiders, huntsman spiders, hobo spiders, grass spiders, common house spiders, and cellar spiders.

Eerie Spiders that Look Like The Brown Recluse

The brown recluse is one of the most venomous spiders in North America, so knowing the difference between a brown recluse and another spider species is crucial to help you avoid danger. Brown recluses live in southeastern states of the United States and also some other states in Canada and the USA.

If you’re suffering from a spider bite, please consult a medical professional. This website is for entertainment only. We’re not medical professionals and you shouldn’t use this site to try to identify or diagnose any spider or spider bite.

List of Spiders that Look Like the Brown Recluse

Let’s take a look at which spiders look like the brown recluse, and how you can tell the difference between them.

1. Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are commonly mistaken for brown recluses because of the general brown colors of their bodies. 

These hunting spiders are found all over North America but also all over the world. They often share the habitat with the brown recluse, even though it is way more common to see a wolf spider than it is to see a brown recluse spider.

The wolf spider is one of the best hunting spiders in the world, like the brown recluse.

Differences between the Wolf Spider and the Brown Recluse:

  • Both spiders can bite if they’re disturbed or provoked.
  • The Wolf Spider’s bite is usually not as dangerous as the brown recluse.
  • Wolf spiders have hairs on their body. The brown recluse has no hairs at all.
  • Wolf spiders have stripes on their back while the brown recluse has a distinct, violin-like shape on its abdomen.
  • Wolf spiders are a bit larger when compared to the brown recluse.

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2. Huntsman Spiders

Huntsman spiders and brown recluse spiders have similar body shapes and leg lengths, so they might get mistaken by many people.

The huntsman spider got its name from its famous hunting technique, as it will run down its prey and surprise it if needed to catch it, unlike many other spiders who use ambushing or webs to catch their prey.

Huntsman vs Brown Recluse Differences:

  • Huntsman spiders are much darker in color compared to the brown recluse.
  • Huntsmans are usually larger than a brown recluse
  • The Brown Recluse has a violin-shaped marking on its abdomen. The huntsman has black and brown spots.

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3. Hobo Spiders

The hobo spider looks strikingly similar to a brown recluse.

Because the hobo spider and the brown recluse are similar in color. They’re both brown, but the brown recluse is a bit brighter than the hobo spider.

Differences between Hobo Spiders and Brown Recluse:

  • Hobo Spiders are aggressive, even when unprovoked. The Brown Recluse is more likely to avoid humans.
  • The hobo spider has brown and yellow spots on its abdomen and all over its body. The brown recluse only has the violin-shaped mark on its abdomen.
  • Hobo spiders build funnel webs, which are highly effective for hunting their prey. Brown Recluse spiders don’t build webs, although they do still produce silk structures around their nests.

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4. Grass Spiders

The grass spider is found mostly in grassy habitats and in vegetation, where they will create large-scale webs that they’ll use to hunt down their prey. While they might look similar to a brown recluse, there are some key differences between these two species.

First of all, grass spiders are often found in lawns and grasses where they create sheet webs. On the other hand, the brown recluse would rarely find itself in such an open habitat. The reason for this is that they prefer to remain hidden and will use their surroundings to hide from other species.

Grass spiders also have patterns on their back that look like stripes, but the brown recluse only has that violin shape on its abdomen. The grass spider has yellow-brown stripes on its abdomen instead.

Grass Spider vs Brown Recluse – Key Differences and Similarities

4. Cellar Spiders

Cellar spiders, which are also sometimes called daddy-long-legs, get mistaken for brown recluse spiders because of their long, slender legs.

However, the two species are actually quite different.

The brown recluse is much bulkier than the cellar spider. The cellar spider only has a small body, while the brown recluse has a much thicker and pronounced body.

The brown recluse has thicker legs, and it will appear larger than the cellar spider overall.

It’s important to be able to tell the difference between a cellar spider, which is relatively harmless, and a brown recluse, which can be quite dangerous to you.

Both spiders share a similar habitat and can both be found in cellars and in corners of your home.

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The brown recluse spider is one of the most menacing and feared spiders in the world. Sometimes, however, people mistake them for other spider species.

Most commonly, the brown recluse is mistaken for grass spiders, hobo spiders, huntsman spiders, cellar spiders, and wolf spiders.

However, you should now be able to tell the differences between all of these species and the brown recluse by using the tips we’ve provided in this article.

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