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How Long Can a Spider Live in a Car?

A spider can live in a car for several months or even years, as it might be able to get food from the insects that might come in your car, and also enough water from condensation and the animals they can catch.

Their biggest challenge will be getting enough water to survive. If they don’t get enough water to drink, they might die of dehydration, which will happen after a few weeks after not getting enough to drink.

Spiders have a good capability of surviving in enclosed spaces. Because they are low-maintenance animals, spiders don’t need to eat often or get drink often, and that enables them to survive for quite a long time.

How Long Can a Spider Live in a Car

How Long Can a Spider Survive in a Car?

A spider will survive in a car for several months and potentially longer, especially if it has access to food in your car.

And when we talk about food, we talk about the insects that come in your car inadvertently. Spiders will also create some types of spider webs in your car, so these webs will be very good at catching any potential insects that get stuck in your car so that they can get enough food to survive.

But even if a spider doesn’t have quick access to food and water, it might be able to survive for several months or even years. It will depend on a spider species, but most spiders will be able to survive at least 2 months completely without food or drink. But you should also know that this scenario would likely not happen in your car.

There will eventually come a time when insects will get trapped inside your car, which is when your spider will have the opportunity to get food. And once that happens, the spider will also cover its need for water with insects. Additionally, spiders might be able to extract humidity from condensation.

And we also know that spiders are capable of surviving temperatures that are as cold as -5 degrees Celsius, which is about 23 degrees Fahrenheit. So unless you live in an area that’s very cold, it’s highly unlikely that a spider would not survive the cold.

Similarly, spiders can live in a bedroom for years as well.

Can a Spider Suffocate in Your Car?

No, a spider cannot suffocate in your car, since your car is firstly not completely airtight, but also because spiders don’t require that much air to survive as well.

Spiders don’t require that much oxygen to survive, so their needs for oxygen will certainly be lower than the needs of a human being. That’s why there should be more than enough air inside your car for the spider to survive, even for prolonged periods of time such as several months or years.

Additionally, your car is not completely airtight, so there will be an influx of air coming constantly from the doors. Not to mention that you’ll constantly keep opening and closing the doors, which will bring even more air into the car for the spiders.

So it is highly unlikely if not impossible to see a spider that will suffocate in your car. The only problem that might arise for the spider is if the weather gets too cold or too hot for surviving, which is when they might die.

Do Spiders Die in Cars?

Spiders can die in cars, especially if they are caught inside a car when it’s really hot or cold outside. They will not die naturally because of a lack of food, water, or air, though.

You might have already seen a dead spider inside your car, so you might have been wondering how it got there in the first place.

There might be many different causes of their death, such as :

  • Cold or hot air
  • Another human or animal killing it
  • Old age
  • Other circumstances such as being killed by objects that you place into the car

Other than that, it’s highly unlikely that a spider will die in your car anytime soon unless you or something else kills it. This might happen advertently or inadvertently, as you might be moving some objects into your car that might make you step over the spider or crush it with an object.

Some people also decide to kill any spider that comes into their car, although that might be a difficult task because spiders tend to hide very well inside the car.

How Do I Get a Spider Out of My Car?

The best way to get a spider out of your car is to perform a deep cleaning procedure and make sure that you clean every corner of your car, use repellents and other natural scents to remove it, and close any openings in your car that might enable it to hide.

You should know that it might be difficult to get a spider out of your car, simply because most spiders are small so they can cramp themselves into small crevices, making it near impossible for you to find them.

You might even have spiders in your car without you even knowing…

That’s why it’s better to use another way of removing the spider from your car other than actively searching for it.

The best way is to first clean your car thoroughly and pay close attention to any crevices, holes, or corners of your car where the spider might be hiding.

The next step is to use a repellent or a natural scent that will help you get rid of the spider. When you do that, make sure that you don’t use too much of the repellent, especially if you have kids that will sit in your car after spraying the repellent.

If you can’t find the spider and you’re really concerned that it might be venomous to you or your family, you can consider hiring a pest control professional.


Spiders can get inside cars in different ways – they might sneak in as you leave it open, or they might come into the car as they spot insects that are hiding in your car.

They might be able to survive for several months in your car without you even realizing it, which might be a terrifying prospect to some people.

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