Does Cedar Repel Spiders?

There is weak to moderate evidence that cedar could repel spiders, but the data is not yet fully conclusive. Currently, the following cedar products are actively used as spider repellents:

Does Cedar Repel Spiders
  • Cedarwood is said to be effective in repelling spider infestations based on anecdotal evidence.
  • Wood chips may also be effective in repelling spiders but does not seem reliable in eliminating them after an infestation has occurred.
  • Cedar oil similarly may have a deterrent effect but seems ineffective at clearing an infestation.

Many people believe that cedarwood is a natural spider repellent. While there is minimal research to back up this hypothesis, there are stories of people finding spider corpses amongst the branches of freshly cut cedars which suggests that it might work for some people.

Given the limited research in this area, we believe it is still best to get local pest control professionals to deal with any spider problems you face. The following information is general and for entertainment purposes only.

Can You Use Cedar to Repel Spiders?

Cedar trees release oils into the air to repel insects and provide a tactile scent attracting warm-blooded animals (mammals and birds) who pollinate the tree for food and repel spiders at the same time.

This means that the chemicals released from the cedar that repels spiders could also be attractive to animals such as ants.

It is unclear if the scent of the cedar tree repels spiders or if it is the oils in the spider’s brains that are repelled by the cedar oil.

Spiders don’t have a nose to smell but they do have chemosensors that detect chemicals in the air to find food and mates, so it is likely that cedar oil affects these chemical receptors somehow.

Essential oils can be effective at repelling spiders, including cedar oil, but the effectiveness of the cedar essential oil against spiders is more anecdotal. More people use cedarwood chips and barks instead to repel spiders.

Cedar blocks and chips are often used in outdoor rooms or around homes because they are thought to repel spiders.

You can even use them inside your home, but make sure that you clean them regularly and make sure to place them in areas where they won’t be crushed by furniture or foot traffic, and that they’re a safe distance from pets and children.

Why Do Spiders Hate Cedar?

Cedar is said to repel spiders for several reasons, one of which is its smell. Essential oils are known to repel many insects including fruit flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, mice, fleas, and even ants.

Cedarwood is also believed to be a natural spiders repellent because of the smell the tree gives off. 

Spiders are repelled by cedar oil when it is in high concentrations. Some people use cedar oil to repel spiders by sprinkling it on the floor, while others claim that it is better to use cedar chips or cedar blocks around the house because they will last longer than the oil.

Cedar oil is also sometimes sprayed on the outside of homes to get rid of spiders.

For humans, the cedarwood smell is pleasant and the wood is used in many products. It is part of the furniture industry, wood repair industries, and is used in interior decorating. Cedarwood is also used in construction. The wood is used in the manufacture of windows, windowsills, cabinetry, media cabinets, toolboxes, and many other woodworking projects.

Both cedar oil and cedarwood chips are believed to be effective at repelling spiders, but the effectiveness of the cedar oil against spiders is primarily anecdotal. Cedarwood chips are believed to be a more reliable remedy and can be used indoors or outdoors.

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How People Use Cedar to Repel Spiders

Note: We recommend contacting pest control to deal with your pest issues. This information is provided for entertainment and general knowledge only.

There are two main methods that are used to repel spiders using cedar:

  1. Using cedar blocks, chips, or shavings around your home to repel spiders. This method involves placing them around the perimeter of a house and in any areas where spiders might be getting into your home.
  2. Making a natural spider spray using cedar oil to repel spiders from indoors or outdoors. For this method, people place it in their yard to deter spiders from entering the area and inside their webs to kill any spiders trapped inside before they can escape and reproduce.

Using cedar wood chips or blocks is usually preferred because they can be used indoors or outside. Cedarwood chips are easier to use around a home because they are more affordable and are safer to use indoors or outdoors and are less harmful to animals that are attracted to the scent, including ants.

One downside of this method is that cedar blocks and chips need to be rotated regularly because the smell can go away after some time.

Cedar oils, on the other hand, can be used indoors and outdoors and are said to be as effective as cedarwood chips. However, it can attract ants. Some people choose to mix the cedar oil with peppermint oil to reduce the chance of attracting ants.

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Is Cedar Safe to Use?

Cedar is generally believed to be safe to use in the home and around the yard. It is a natural and organic material.

However, this is no guarantee that cedarwood and cedar oil will not pose a threat to humans, as some people may find it to be irritating.

Furthermore, it can pose a threat to smaller animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, small birds, mice, rats, rabbits, chinchillas birds (particularly the cockatiel), fish (particularly goldfish), turtles, and other smaller pets.

If you happen to own these pets, make sure that you keep cedarwood and cedar oil away from them because they can be harmful to their respiratory system. Also, make sure that you clean the wood or oil down regularly so that you don’t accidentally get wood fibers in their noses.

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Cedar is a natural home remedy used to repel spiders, both indoors and outdoors. People use cedar oils or wood chips to repel spiders in the home. Cedar oil is said to be more effective when used indoors, while cedarwood chips are said to be more effective outdoors.

Overall, while there is some mild and anecdotal evidence that cedar oil, cedar blocks, and cedarwood chips may repel spiders, this is inconclusive. Therefore, we would prefer to consult eco-friendly pest control professionals to handle the job of repelling spiders from a home or business.

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