Where Do Spiders Hide?

Spiders hide in quiet and hidden spaces of your bedroom, living room, behind furniture, under beds, and in hidden corners.

They prefer to hide in spots where they have ample food and water to survive, but they might set up their hiding spots near the place where they can access food from.

Spiders like peace, but they also hide for predatory purposes. They like to pounce on their victims and surprise them, which means they’ll constantly seek spots where they can retreat in peace and stay hidden for most of the time.

Web-weaving spiders, on the other hand, only tend to come out to collect prey from their webs.

Where Do Spiders Hide

Where Spiders Hide in a House

Spiders hide in homes under furniture such as closets and beds, in dark corners of the home, in closed storage areas of your home such as cupboards, or under the bathroom or kitchen sink where they can find some peace.

The spiders that enter your home prefer to have some peace and quiet for themselves. They’re not very sociable animals in the world and they’re also afraid of humans and will keep themselves away as far as possible if they spot a human being.

Some of the most common locations that spiders might use to hide in your home include:

  • Under or behind furniture – this tends to be the most popular hiding spot for household spiders since they can find peace and serenity under the furniture. Beds, closets, and sofas are all excellent areas for spiders to hide. They also like them because they’re dark and hidden.
  • In closed storage areas – many spiders like to hide in cupboards or closets because that’s where they’ll find the most peace in your home. This is especially true for old cupboards that you don’t tend to use often, for example, that old cupboard in your kitchen or living room that you rarely use.
  • Under the sink – under the sink is an excellent hiding spot for spiders because that’s an area where people rarely go to – unless something needs repairing, of course. That’s when you might discover huge spider webs and hiding spots, which might shock you when you open up your sink.
  • In the garage, attic, or basement – any areas of your home that provide some quiet and darkness are excellent hiding spots for spiders. For instance, you might find many spiders in your basement since that is often a humid area where there’s a lot of insects, which means a lot of food for spiders as well.

Where Spiders Hide in a Garden

In the garden, spiders like natural hiding spots where they will be able to make sure they’re not spotted by their prey or by humans. For instance, they like to hide under rocks, wood, compost piles, and other features of your garden that might provide some peace.

Gardens often provide a lot of food and other things necessary for the spider to provide. They also get water from their environment through the many features of the garden, such as the morning dew that collects on the grass leaves.

In the garden, the most common hiding areas for the spider include:

  • Under rocks – this is the most commonplace for the spider to hide. Under the rock is a nice and comfortable place where they have access to food that collects under rocks, but they also have a sense of peace and calmness there.
  • Under or inside pieces of wood – spiders will take every opportunity they get to hide under the pieces of wood that are scattered around the environment. They also like holes inside the wood for hiding.
  • Holes in the ground or burrows they create – predatory spiders that like to pounce on their targets will also create holes or burrows inside the ground, which they’ll use to pounce on their animals of prey and kill them.
  • In compost piles – a common hiding spot for spiders in gardens is also inside a compost pile since that’s where a lot of insects and other animals might be that they can kill.

How to Get a Spider Out of its Hiding Spot?

The best way to lure a spider out of its hiding spot is to provide it with food. For instance, you might want to scatter some insects or bugs next to the hiding spot, which will lure the spider out, giving you the opportunity to catch it.

Spiders are quite stubborn when it comes to hiding. If they’re discovered, they’ll waste no time in finding a new spot to hide. Most spiders are also quite quick, which means it might be hard for you to catch them with your hands.

You’ll need to use some trickery to get the spider out of its hiding. The best way to do it is to use food to lure them out. Place some dead bugs around where the spider might be hiding, and you might see it pop out quite quickly.

Another way to get the spider out is to use pheromone traps. You’ll be able to find traps that work specifically for luring spiders out, because they arouse them sexually, prompting them to leave their hiding spot and make them attracted to the trap.

Note that this is general information for owners of pet spiders. You should contact pest control to handle venomous and invasive spiders.

Where Do Spiders Hide During the Day?

Spiders will prefer to hide in dark and hidden spots during the day, especially in cold and dark areas where they can stay hidden. Under the furniture is an excellent hiding spot for spiders, for instance.

Spiders remain active mostly through the night because that’s when most insects start to come out. During the day, they might take a short rest and hide from the heat, especially in the summer. This means they’ll hide in concealed areas where they are able to survive and hide comfortably.


Spiders like to hide, especially during the day when they will need to conserve energy and prepare themselves to hunt during the night. They prefer to hide in cold, dark, and hidden corners of your home, where they find peace and serenity from other animals.

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