What is a Luna Wolf? (The Alpha Female)

A luna wolf is another term for the alpha female in the pack, which is the counterpart of the alpha male and is the main female. 

She’s responsible for bearing pups to the alpha male, and supports him and the rest of the pack in times of need. The rest of the group will also provide help and guidance for the luna wolf when she’s pregnant, as they will protect her against enemies and her pups when she is pregnant.

What is a Luna Wolf

What is an Alpha Female?

The alpha female is essentially the most important female of the pack. She is the leader of the pack and together with the alpha male, she will command the pack and decide on the next moves of it.

They have a strong social hierarchy that must be respected by every member of the pack. At the top of the pile are the alpha male and the female, where the male is the one taking the shots, while the female is the chosen female of the alpha wolf, and she’s responsible for bearing pups to the alpha.

Within the pack, the luna wolf, or the alpha female, will not be taking the major shots about the pack such as where they will go and what they will do during the day, but she’ll be more important than the other females of the pack because she’s the alpha male’s mate.

This means that the alpha male will prefer the luna wolf to the other female members of the pack for mating, and will protect her when she needs protection. Most importantly, the alpha male will protect her when she’s pregnant, which is when she’s at her most vulnerable and she’ll need protection.

What Does the Luna Wolf Do?

As we’ve already mentioned, the luna wolf will take some important responsibilities within the pack since she’s the alpha male’s mate.

Some of the most important responsibilities of the luna wolf include:

  • Mating with the alpha male and allowing him the right to have offspring with the luna wolf
  • Bearing the pups for the alpha male and taking care of them
  • Helping the alpha male with the most important decisions and supporting him in times of need
  • Controlling the rest of the pack, especially the female part of the pack

How does the alpha male choose his female?

He does that by first finding an appropriate mate for himself, which he will do by testing the waters. He will constantly try and court the female he is most attracted to, but she might get rejected if the female is not ready for breeding.

Why is She Called Luna Wolf?

Luna in Spanish means Moon, and we often connect the moon with femininity and the female aspect of our nature. That’s also why some people have started calling the alpha female the luna female.

Why precisely this has happened remains a mystery. There are many different theories and stories going around about this, but it remains the most probable theory that the luna wolf is the alpha female.

In many werewolf genre books and works, the luna wolf is a relatively common appearance. And from what you can decipher from these books, the luna wolf is slightly romanticized and will also carry several human elements and behaviors to the point that it’s hard to distinguish it from the human female.

In these werewolf books, the luna female often plays with the main character, the werewolf, and is his companion. She is primarily there for romantic purposes of the book, but will also take on other roles. Sometimes, she might even be dangerous for the alpha male.

However, these are just books and they are highly fictitious, because many of these werewolf books are based on obsolete or simply incorrect stories about wolves. It’s quite rare to find some facts in these books. It’s best to take them with a pinch of salt, really.

But if you do like this genre, then it’s certainly a great way to spend your time and read some of these books, which can be quite popular. You’ll find anything from horror to romance, so the spectrum is wide with these books.

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How Many Luna Wolves are there in a Pack?

There can only be one alpha female per pack, or luna wolf. Despite what is sometimes written in werewolf books and stories, only one alpha female will dominate the rest of the pack, even though some books have several luna females in it.

This one luna female will be close together with the alpha male and will be responsible for supporting him, and she’ll also help him take the more important decisions when it comes to the wolf pack.

While some alpha males can opt to have several female mates, they will most likely remain loyal to the luna wolf and will probably remain with her for the rest of his life.

That doesn’t mean that the alpha male won’t pursue other females, though. It’s highly likely that an alpha will also have several mates in his lifetime, but there will always be just one alpha female in the pack.

That’s because the alpha male can also have mates that are from another pack, considering that they roam around often and also tend to look for mates from another pack. But that won’t always be possible, since some pack members are territorial and will always try to deter the roaming male away.


Luna wolves are more commonly present in werewolf books and stories. They can take up very different roles in these stories – sometimes their main role is to portray a romantic relationship between the male and the female. Other times, she will play an important role in a horror-themed story.

However, the notion of luna wolves has been over-romanticized in these books and they’re often very different as to how they’re portrayed in the books.

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