What Eats Buffalo? (11 Animals with Pictures)

What Eats Buffalo

Examples of animals that eat buffalo include alligators, coyotes, crocodiles, grizzly bears, and humans.

Despite their large size and seemingly tough hide, buffalo are actually quite vulnerable to predators. This is because their thick fur coat makes them unable to regulate their body temperature, which leaves them susceptible to heatstroke in the hot sun.

Additionally, their long curved horns are not very effective at defending against predators, and they can easily become injured if they attempt to fight back. This makes the buffalo an easy target for predators, who often rely on stealth and surprise to take them down.

Examples of Animals that Eat Buffalo

1. Alligators

Scientific NameAlligator
Type of AnimalReptile
Rangethe southeast United States

Alligators are one of the predators that eat buffalo. They are mainly found in the southern United States, where they live in swamps and rivers. Alligators are ambush hunters, meaning they wait for their prey to come to them. When a buffalo comes close enough, the alligator will jump out of the water and take it down. Alligators have been known to kill buffalo that weigh over a thousand pounds.

2. Coyotes

Scientific NameCanis latrans
Type of AnimalMammal
RangeAlaska southward into Central America, but especially on the Great Plains

Coyotes are another predator that eats buffalo. They live in North America and can be found in a variety of habitats, including prairies, deserts, and forests. Coyotes primarily hunt at night, using their acute senses of hearing and smell to track down their prey. Once they have found a buffalo, they will work together as a pack to take it down. Coyotes typically eat the meat of their prey, but they will also consume the organs and bones.

3. Crocodiles

Scientific NameCrocodylidae
Type of AnimalReptile
Range tropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas

Crocodiles are one of the main predators of the buffalo. They are ambush predators, meaning they lie in wait for their prey to come close before attacking. Crocodiles hunt both alone and in packs, and can take down a buffalo even if it is bigger and stronger than them. They often use their powerful jaws to crush the buffalo’s skull, or they will grab it with their mouth and drag it into the water to drown it.

4. Grizzly Bears

Scientific NameUrsus arctos horribilis
Type of AnimalMammal
RangeAlaska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and possibly southern Colorado, as well as in western Canada

Grizzly bears are another predator of the buffalo. They will often hunt in pairs or small groups, and use their massive size and strength to overpower the buffalo. Grizzly bears will try to bite the buffalo’s neck or head, or they will swat at it with their paws to knock it down. Once the buffalo is down, the grizzly bear will start to eat it alive.

5. Humans

Scientific NameHomo sapiens
Type of AnimalMammal

Humans are the most dangerous predator of the buffalo. They hunt them for their meat, which is a valuable food source, and for their fur, which is used to make clothing and other items. Humans typically hunt buffalo using guns or spears, and they will often kill entire herds at once.

The buffalo are also threatened by loss of habitat. Their traditional grazing lands have been taken over by humans, and the animals are now forced to live in areas that are not as suitable for their needs. This makes them more susceptible to disease and other problems.

6. Leopards

Scientific NamePanthera pardus
Type of AnimalMammal
RangeAfrica, parts of the Middle East, and Asia, including China, India, and eastern Russia

Leopards are one of the main predators of the buffalo. They are very fast and agile, and can easily take down a buffalo that is not paying attention. Leopards usually hunt at night, when the buffalo are most vulnerable. They will sneak up on the buffalo and then jump on their back, biting them in the neck until they suffocate. Leopards are also known to eat the carcasses of dead buffalo.

7. Lions

Scientific NamePanthera leo
Type of AnimalMammal

Lions are the biggest predators of the African buffalo. They live in groups called prides, which typically consist of around 15 lions. The lions will work together to take down a buffalo, with the males doing most of the attacking. Lions will typically go for the throat, which allows them to suffocate their prey. Once the buffalo is dead, the lions will feast on its flesh.

8. Mountain Lions

Scientific NamePuma concolor
Type of AnimalMammal
Rangemostly in the remote areas of the western U.S., as well as western Canada and much of Mexico

Mountain lions are one of the most common predators of buffalo. They are very fast and powerful hunters, which gives them an advantage over the slower buffalo. Mountain lions typically hunt in pairs or small groups, using their speed and strength to take down their prey.

Mountain lions are also known to prey on deer, elk, and other large mammals. They are opportunistic hunters, and will take advantage of any prey that is available. Mountain lions are the top predators in their ecosystem, and play an important role in controlling the populations of their prey species.

9. Spotted Hyenas

Scientific NameCrocuta crocuta
Type of AnimalMammal
RangeAfrica and eastwards through Arabia to India

Spotted hyenas are some of the most successful predators of buffalo in Africa. They have a very diverse diet that includes everything from small rodents to adult buffalo. Hyenas usually hunt in packs, which gives them an advantage over buffalo. They are able to take down a buffalo by attacking it from all sides and overwhelming it. Additionally, their powerful jaws and sharp teeth are able to puncture the buffalo’s hide and cause serious injuries.

10. Vultures

Scientific NameCathartes
Type of AnimalBird
RangeAsia, Africa, and Europe

There are many different types of vultures, but all of them share the same basic characteristics. They are all scavengers, which means they eat dead animals. This makes them important members of the animal kingdom, as they help keep the environment clean by getting rid of rotting carcasses.

Vultures are not very fast or agile, so they cannot chase down live prey. However, they have very sharp eyesight and can spot a dead animal from great heights.

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11. Wolves

Scientific NameCanis lupus
Type of AnimalMammal
RangeNorth America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa

Wolves are the primary predators of buffalo in North America. They usually hunt in packs, which gives them an advantage over the slow and bulky buffalo. Wolves will stalk their prey until they are close enough to attack, at which point they will launch a coordinated assault that often leads to the buffalo’s death. Wolves have been known to kill adult buffalo, but they typically target calves and sick or injured animals.


The predators of the buffalo are diverse and include crocodiles, grizzly bears, humans, lions, alligators, coyotes, and wolves. Each predator has its own unique way of hunting and capturing its prey. The most dangerous predator of the buffalo is human beings, who hunt them for their meat and fur.

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