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Why Do Spiders Come Out at Night? (Safety & Evolution)

wolf spider

Most spiders are nocturnal, which means they are at their most active at night. They will hunt animals at night and move around more at night, while also creating their webs.

Most spiders will spend their days hiding and resting. They have their senses adapted for night conditions, which allow them to easily survive the night.

One of the main reasons why spiders come out at night is because they want to avoid predators, which are most active during the day.

Why Do Spiders Come Out at Night?


Spiders come out at night because that’s when they feel at their most comfortable. They are nocturnal creatures, which means they will stay highly productive at night while also being able to hunt other creatures.

Most spiders have their senses adapted to the night. While most spiders can’t see very well, wolf spiders and a handful of other spider species have very good eyesight, even when it is dark.

While they only see green and dichromatic colors, wolf spiders can make out what is happening at night very well.

The majority of spider species are nocturnal, which means they come out at night. That’s when they will be at their most active, as they will hunt down other species and create webs that they’ll use for hunting.

Spiders that hunt without webs are perhaps even more active than web-making spiders.

During the day, nocturnal spiders will rest up and make sure they gather enough energy for the night. They might create webs or tend to their burrow, while also making sure they don’t get caught out by their predators. That’s one of their main reasons why they stay hidden during the day – to avoid predators.

However, some spider species remain active during the day, too. Some species have, through their evolution, shifted from being nocturnal to being diurnal, which has happened because of exposure to more ultraviolet sunlight.

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What Do Spiders Do at Night?


At night, most spiders will remain active as they try to hunt down their prey. This is the time when they will do most of their heavy activities, such as creating webs, stalking and hunting their prey, and making sure they avoid their predators.

Most active spider predators, such as lizards, are active during the day.

Spiders avoid predators during the night by staying inside their webs, which act as a protection to keep them safe from predators, even though some of the predators of spiders also remain active at night.

Some of the most active spiders at night are those spiders which don’t catch prey with their webs. These spiders hunt using their senses and their agility.

Some of the most active and best hunting spiders at night include wolf spiders, huntsman spiders.

Another reason why spiders remain so active at night is that the majority of the animals they catch are also active at night. These include insects, which tend to fly around a lot during the night, so they get caught inside the web of the spider. 

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Are All Spiders Nocturnal?

spider silhouette

Not all spiders are nocturnal; some spider species are diurnal, which means they remain active during the day.

Some spider species have gone from being nocturnal to being diurnal, while others have been diurnal since the beginning. Diurnal spiders are often web-weaving spiders that rely heavily on the safety of their webs during the day.

Some of the garden spiders are diurnal because that’s when their prey will be at their most active. This includes prey such as bees, wasps, and other flying insects that might be found near the areas where garden spiders hunt.

Other spiders have to remain on guard during the day because they might get targeted by their predators. Or, they might have to wait for their opportunity to strike other animals during the night, which means that they have to remain active during the day as well if another animal gets caught inside their web.

All that being said, most spiders are still nocturnal, because many spider predators are highly active during the day, including lizards.

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Where Do Spiders Hide During the Day?

Spiders hide inside their burrows, webs, and in natural areas such as between rocks or wood, which enables them to survive the day without getting caught by their predators.

Spiders are very good at remaining hidden. They will hide between rocks and other hidden areas in the wild, away from predators.

Other spiders like to rest inside burrows, which they create as a hiding spot to stay hidden and safe from predators. Also, some spiders like to remain in their webs for the day, which gives them an important point of refuge if they need to hide.

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Most spiders need to hide during the day because that’s when they’re in danger of getting caught by their predators. It’s also possible that some spiders hide during the night, especially if a predator is nearby.

Final Thoughts

Most spiders are nocturnal, which means they are at their most active at night. Spiders come out at night because that’s when their prey is out, and when they are safest from their predators, who mostly remain active during the day.

Some spiders have gone from being nocturnal to being diurnal throughout their evolution. There are also some spiders that remain active during the day, although the majority of spiders are nocturnal.

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