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What Do Corn Snakes Eat? (Rats, Lizards, Eggs)

Corn snakes eat anything that is meat. All snakes are carnivorous, and the corn snake is not an exception. Snakes only have dietary differences because of their diverse environments and habitats.

A corn snake typically eats rodents in the wild. Like pythons and boas, corn snakes are constrictors. They catch their prey squeeze it and swallow it whole. However, this does not mean that corn snakes will eat even poisonous animals.

What Do Corn Snakes Eat

Corn Snake Diet

Corn snakes eat a variety of food in captivity and in the wild. In the wild, they hunt animals that are available to their surroundings.

Corn snakes typically live in the eastern United States. Since they live in wooded groves and rocky hillsides, they have access to many kinds of animals like insects, other reptiles, birds, and mice.  

1. Rats and Mice

They hunt rodents if these creatures are in the area. Corn snakes are diurnal snakes, which means they hunt in the day and rest at night. However, they are likely to be nocturnal on warm summer nights. It is not unusual for them to hunt mice at night.

2. Lizards

If the corn snake is quick enough, it also captures lizards and other small reptiles in the wild. This includes geckos or even common house lizards if the snake is in captivity.

3. Tree Frogs

This diet is available to corn snakes only if they live in wetlands. A tree frog is not a typical toad. It refers to any species of frog that spends most of its time in trees. These frogs are considered arboreal, and many of them also love living in high vegetation.

The corn snake typically captures these frogs as they descend to the ground. On some occasions, a corn snake may claim the tree to capture this prey. If the frog makes a nest, the snake can come closer and catch the prey.

4. Eggs

Corn snakes will eat eggs. However, this diet is not enough for them, especially if they are in captivity. Corn snakes in captivity should never be fed solely with eggs.

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5. Insects

Corn snakes are known to eat insects in the wild, such as grasshoppers and crickets. However, this diet only fits baby corn snakes. As the snakes grow bigger, they begin to hunt for bigger prey.

A corn snake will eat anything that it can fit in its mouth. In captivity, one must practice special care as the snake does not have access to proper nutrition like in the wild. Pretty much, a corn snake in captivity depends on what the owner gives.


Do Corn Snakes eat Mice?

Yes, corn snakes eat mice. It is part of their diet in the wild. In captivity, rats and mice are the most common thing that owners feed their pet snakes. Mice are easy to breed.

Do Corn Snakes Crickets?

Yes, snakes eat crickets and other insects. However, insects could only sustain baby corn snakes. Any snake that has grown will yearn for a bigger meal. They typically upgrade in meal size according to their girth.

Many corn snakes in the wild will ignore insects if they are already big and if food supply is abundant. However, they will eat insects if they are hungry and cannot find another prey.

Do Corn Snakes Eat Corn?

No, corn snakes do not eat corn. Corn snakes are carnivorous. The reason a corn snake is called so is that it has a corn-like pattern. Its belly scales look like kernels of corn.

Another reason for its name is that it had a presence in grain stores. It usually lived near storehouses of grain, including corn. They did this not because they ate corn but because there were many mice in grain stores.

People in the past used corn snakes to control the mice population. They let the snakes loose in grain stores so they could catch mice that were eating harvested corn. Until today, there are farmers that do this.

Do Corn Snakes Eat other Snakes?

Yes, they do eat other snakes. Their typical diet consists of frogs, lizards, and other small animals. However, they will also eat other small snakes if there is no choice.

Corn snakes do not have venom. As such, they are in a bad position if they attack other snakes. As constrictors, they would have a difficult time subduing another snake. Snakes that eat other snakes must have high venom power to paralyze their prey.  

Do Corn Snakes Eat Fish?

Yes, but one must not. Many pet owners feed their corn snakes with fish because they get bored feeding them with mice.

Corn snakes are not water snakes. In the wild, they do not get in the water to hunt. In captivity, there are situations when a person may feed them fish and minnows, but this should be done sparingly.

Do Corn Snakes Eat Frogs?

Yes, frogs are part of the snake’s natural diet. They eat tree frogs in the wild. However, one must be careful what kind of frogs they feed the corn snake.

For example, toads are not meant for snakes. Toads have toxicity in their skin. For many years, scientists have documented cases where the snakes that ate these frogs regurgitated them.

In Japan, however, a report says that the toads seem to be losing their battle with the snakes. Many snakes avoid toads, but the Rhabdophis tigrinus snake in Ishima, Japan, has tolerance for this toxin.



Corn snakes are carnivorous and will eat anything. In the wild, they eat rodents, frogs, and birds. In captivity, it is best that they are fed with rats. However, the owner must practice special care when feeding. Live prey can hurt the snake.

Pet owners must not venture off the natural diet of snakes. Instead, one must take the time to study the snake’s environment and diet before getting one as a pet. The worst thing that can happen to a corn snake is to be fed with a poisonous frog. The snake may not endure its toxicity, and it can die.

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