31 Animals that are Red (A to Z List & Pictures)

Animals that are Red

Red is the color of love, passion, joy, and strength. It’s one of the most popular colors in the world for many people, and it also happens to be a popular color in the animal kingdom as well.

On this list, you’ll find some interesting and even exotic red animals. Contrary to popular belief, red animals are not necessarily poisonous to eat, although some are. There doesn’t seem to be a correlation between animal color and edibility.

List of Animals that are Red

Here are some of the most interesting red animals.

1. Arizona Coral Snake

Scientific NameMicruroides euryxanthus
SizeUp to 3 feet

The Arizona coral snake is endemic to Arizona’s deserts. Its red coloration makes it easy to spot compared to other snakes that share the same habitat, such as the rattlesnake. Fortunately for us, the Arizona coral snake doesn’t have enough venom to harm humans. However, it is a venomous snake species, so it’s not advisable to keep one as a pet.

2. Black-banded Trinket Snake

Scientific NameOreocryptophis
SizeUp to 40 inches
HabitatForested hills

The black-banded trinket snake, sometimes also referred to as the rat snake, is a commonly found snake especially in Southeastern Asia. While the looks of this snake might be menacing, it is a pretty harmless animal for humans. It’s a non-venomous snake that is often adored for its bright red colors.

3. Calotes

Scientific NameCalotes versicolor
SizeUp to 23 inches

The calotes is a genus of lizards that are sometimes also known as the forest lizard. These animals are found in different colorations, including red. Most notably, they have a red head, which is why some people also call them bloodsuckers.

4. Cardinal Beetle

Scientific NamePhyrochroa serraticornis
Size0.35 inches

The cardinal beetle is commonly found in the forests of Europe and Britain, where it will feed on smaller insects. It is easily distinguishable by its red body and the black underside and wings.

5. Cherry Shrimp

Scientific NameNeocaridina davidi
Size1.6 inches

The cherry shrimp, sometimes also called the red shrimp, is a very common pet. Many people like to own this animal because of its bright red color. Aesthetically pleasing, the cherry shrimp is also not a very demanding pet to own, making it ideal for beginners.

6. Cochineal

Scientific NameSternorrhyncha
Size0.20 inches
HabitatTropical forest

The cochineal primarily lives in the forests of tropical and subtropical South America, where it has been collected ever since the Aztecs. People have used these insects for producing dye. You can do that by collecting the carminic acid, which results in about 24% of the entire weight of this small insect.

7. Coconut Octopus

Scientific NameAmphioctopus marginatus
Size6 inches

Last but not least on this list of animals that are red, we have the coconut octopus. Sometimes, this octopus is also referred to as the veined octopus because of its red, veiny appearance.

8. East Pacific Red Octopus

Scientific NameOctopus rubescens
SizeUp to 15 inches

The eastern pacific red octopus usually occurs near the sea surface. It is usually found near the shore where it will usually float at about the depth of 300 meters. There, it will collect food and hunt its prey.

9. Humboldt Squid

Scientific NameDosidicus gigas
Size6 feet

Next up, we have the Humboldt squid. Now, this animal might not be entirely red in color; rather, it presents a blend of gray and red. It’s also a menacing animal in the sea, where it will collect and eat smaller animals such as fish and plankton. It also has venom, but it’s not very dangerous to humans, although it can cause some irritation and pain.

10. Ladybugs

Scientific NameCoccinellidae
Type of AnimalInsect

The ladybug is a tiny but bright red insect that is found around the world. They’re a popular bug among children as you can let them walk over your skin if you hold still enough. While it’s got a beautiful name and looks lovely, it’s not as nice as it seems. Ladybugs are actually known to eat one another!

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11. Louisiana Crawfish

Scientific NameProcambarus clarkii
SizeUp to 4.7 inches

In 2016, the Louisiana crawfish was considered to be an invasive species because of its infiltration into other habitats. Usually, this crayfish is usually found in the freshwater bodies of Northern Mexico and the southern states of the United States.

12. Mandrill

Scientific NameMandrillus sphynx
SizeUp to 37 inches

While the mandrill might not be entirely red, it has a vibrant red stripe down its face. The mandrill is a large primate that can get very aggressive towards other males as well other mammals that might threaten its territory. It is considered a vulnerable animal and is only found in small parts of western Africa.

13. Mwanza flat-headed Rock Agama

Scientific NameAgama mwanzae
SizeUp to 1 inch

The Mwanza flat-headed Rock agama is sometimes also called the Spiderman agama thanks to its blue and red coloration. The red color is dominant on its body, though. This agama likes to hide between rocks and hunt insects.

14. Neurothemis Fulvia

Scientific NameNeurothemis Fulvia
SizeUp to 1 inch
HabitatWet forests

The Neurothemis Fulvia is a red type of dragonfly that is commonly found in wet forests, especially in Asia. The males of this species are red while females tend to be brown or orange.

15. Northern Cardinal

Scientific NameCardinalis cardinalis
Size9 inch

The northern cardinal is truly a sight to behold. It is an entirely red bird with some black coloration around its beak. Females, on the other hand, carry a brighter shade of red and are sometimes even brown or orange. Males are known for their bright red color that is meant to attract mates.

16. Redback Spider

Scientific NameLatrodectus hasselti
SizeUp to 0.5 inch
HabitatForests, open fields

The redback spider, also known as the Australian black widow, is one of the most feared spider species in the world. It is known for its red stripe on its black body, as well as its relatively potent toxin. The bite of a redback spider can result in pain and nausea, as well as dizziness and potentially more severe complications, so it’s fair to say that you’d want to avoid meeting this little beast!

17. Red Fox

Scientific NameVulpes vulpes
SizeUp to 20 inches

While it’s called the red fox, arguably this fox is more commonly orange than red.

The earliest descendants of the Vulpes vulpes come from about 2 million years ago when a smaller ancestor of the red fox was found in Hungary.

About 400.000 years ago, this fox species spread all over the world, most notably, today’s North America. Nowadays, the red fox is one of the most common fox species in the world.

18. Red-Spotted Newt

Scientific NameNotophthalmus viridescens
Size8 inches
HabitatSemi-aquatic habitats

Next up, we have the red-spotted newt. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful newt species in the world, particularly known for its red coloration with black spots on its body. There are many different subspecies of newts found in all colors and sizes, but the red-spotted newt is arguably one of the prettiest.

19. Red Kangaroo

Scientific NameOsphranter rufus
Size5.2 ft

For Australians, seeing kangaroos is almost a daily occurrence. These hopping mammals are seen everywhere, especially in the drier parts of the continent. The red kangaroo is one of the most common species of kangaroo, and it’s also the largest mammal species to live on this continent. While it might look more brown than red, we call it the red kangaroo to differentiate it from other Kangeroos that are more grey in color.

20. Red Lory

Scientific NameEos bornea
Size12 inches

The red lory is a species of parrot that lives in New Guinea, Australia, and the Pacific. It’s known for its vivid red coloration and its beautiful appearance.

21. Red Panda

Scientific NameAilurus fulgens
SizeUp to 25 inches
HabitatForests of Himalaya

The red panda is something of a phenomenon. It doesn’t necessarily look like a panda; rather, you might confuse it for a fox, thanks to its red colors and relatively small stature. But this cute panda is endangered and we should keep a close eye on it. 

22. Red Squirrel

Scientific NameSciurus vulgaris
Size12 inches

The red squirrel, also known as the Eurasian red squirrel, is a pretty common squirrel species found in the forests of Europe and Asia. This lovely little creature has sharp claws, so it can climb steep and hard-to-reach surfaces, such as trees. Most notably, this animal has a distinct red pelt.

23. Scarlet Ibis

Scientific NameEudocimus ruber
Size25 inches
HabitatSwampy areas

The first animal on this list is a bit special. It is the scarlet ibis that lives in South America and the Caribbean islands. It’s similar to many other animals from the ibis family, but its distinguishing factor is the stunningly beautiful scarlet coloration. Adult specimens are all scarlet, while juveniles might have other patterns of coloration also included.

24. Scarlet Lily Beetle

Scientific NameLilioceris lilii
Size⅜ inch

The scarlet lily beetle is a common beetle species that likes to preside in grasslands and other similar habitats. It will feed on insects and also vegetation – most notably, leaves. This animal is considered to be a pest, so it is actively removed by farmers. Shame, since the animal is so pretty with its bright red colors.

25. Scarlet Macaw

Scientific NameAra macao
Size32 inches

The scarlet macaw is a very commonly seen parrot species, especially in zoos and as pets. They are some of the most beautiful birds in the world, as they combine the colors of red, blue, green, and yellow, where red is often the most dominant color. They’re very popular pets due to their ability to accurately recreate human voices.

26. Siamese Fighting Fish

Scientific NameBetta splendens
Size2.4-3.1 inch

The betta fish is also called the Siamese fighting fish. It is arguably one of the most beautiful fish species in the world. It is known for its aggressive character – so much so that in the past, people from Thailand used these fish to pit them against each other as they arranged fights. But this doesn’t take away from the beauty of this animal, which is often seen in aquariums all over the world!

27. Starfish

Scientific NameAsteroidea
Size40 inches
HabitatSea, ocean

We simply could not create this list without including the starfish. It’s one of the most commonly seen creatures deep down in oceans and seas, where it will ponder about to find food. There are more than 1900 different subspecies of starfish, but by far the most common color of these species is red.

28. Strawberry Poison-dart Frog

Scientific NameOophaga pomilio
SizeUp to 0.87 inch

While the strawberry poison-dart frog is primarily red, you will find it in different colorations. This frog has a menacing red color which is meant to keep its predators away. And if that doesn’t help, this frog also carries toxins which it will use against its predators. They are meant to keep them safe.

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29. Tomato Frog

Scientific NameDyscophus antongilii
SizeUp to 3.5 inches

The tomato frog, like the strawberry poison dart frog, has toxins. However, the tomato frog carries these toxins on its skin. The venom will act when a predator tries to pick up the frog. Once the toxins get active, they will cause the predator to drop the frog from its mouth. It’s an effective defensive mechanism that tells other predators not to mess with this beautiful frog.

30. Velvet Ants

Scientific NameMutillidae
Size¾ inch
HabitatOpen, dry areas

Velvet ants are often undesirable when it comes to farmers. They have the ability to kill animals in a matter of minutes through their bites, so it’s fair to say they are quite dangerous. Velvet ants are primarily red and black, but might also be found in other coloration patterns, such as gold, white, or silver.

31. Western Red Scorpionfish

Scientific NameScorpaena sumptuosa
Size15 inches

The western red scorpionfish is a fish species usually found in seas and oceans. It’s endemic to southwest Australia, where it is sometimes disguised among corals. It has poisonous dorsal spines that get erected when the fish is threatened, which act as a defensive mechanism against predators.


Red animals are usually perceived to be dangerous because of their vivid coloration, but that isn’t always necessarily the case. There is great variety of these animals, and you’ll find all types of animals on this list.

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