Watch: Kittens Take over German Shepherd’s Bed (Adorable Reaction)

german shepherd with kittens
Source: Rocky on YouTube

Dogs and cats can develop surprisingly close bonds, but territorial disputes are also common when their spaces overlap.

In this video, we see a big, fluffy German Shepherd trying his best to stay calm and gentle as a litter of tiny kittens has invaded his beloved dog bed.

The attentive pup keeps a watchful eye on the kittens, but doesn’t bark or act aggressively, even as they climb, paw, and knead all over his cozy sleeping spot.

German Shepherds and Kittens

German Shepherds are known for being intelligent, loyal companions with a gentle nature around children and other pets when properly socialized.

This pooch’s mild reaction suggests he has a sweet disposition and has likely been exposed to cats before.

However, you can tell by his body language (watch it below!) that he’s patiently waiting for the kittens to vacate his bed so he can properly nest back into it.

It’s an adorably funny display of domesticated dogs’ general tolerance of feline antics, even when they’re infringing on prime doggy territory!

Watch the Adorable Interaction Here:

Source: Rocky on YouTube


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