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Is a Lamb a Goat or a Sheep?

Is a Lamb a Goat or a Sheep

A lamb is not a goat. Rather, a lamb is simply a baby sheep. A baby goat is instead often referred to as a “kid”. Many people mistake a lamb for being a goat, but it isn’t.

A lamb and a baby goat are sometimes quite similar in how they look. One of the main differences between the two is that baby goats usually already have small horns, while lambs rarely have them.

Lambs are sometimes considered to be a specialty food or a type of meat that some people consume.

What is the Difference Between Sheep, Goat, and Lamb?

The difference between a lamb and a sheep is that a lamb is a sheep that is under the age of 12 months. The difference between a goat and a lamb is that a lamb is a sheep baby, but a goat is its own separate species of animal.

To simplify it all: sheep and goats are different animals, and lamb is a term for baby sheep.

Many people confuse the two terms and interchange them, but lamb and baby goats are different. Speaking from a linguistic point of view, all terms are nouns that describe an animal, although lamb is just a name for the stage of the sheep’s life.

Some people also confuse the terms ewe, lamb, ram, and sheep. So here are some meanings of the following words:

  • A ewe is a female sheep
  • A lamb is a sheep baby
  • A ram is a male sheep

You might have also seen the term “ewe lamb” used somewhere. This is the term that is used for female lambs.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what the differences between sheep, goats, and lambs are.

What is a Lamb?

A lamb is a baby sheep of the age of up to 12 months.

You can consider a lamb a sheep that is younger than 12 months. After that period, the lamb becomes an adult sheep. In some cases, we still consider sheep to be lambs after the age of 12 months if the lamb is still not fully grown.

Some owners prefer to grow their lambs into sheep and have them develop fully so they can use the sheep for other purposes. Some use the sheep for grazing the grass and keeping it tidy, for their wool, but also for milk and cheese and other dairy products that come from their milk.

On the other hand, lamb is often used for meat exclusively. Many people prefer lamb meat to sheep meat because it’s more tender and tasty, so in some cuisines, lamb meat is a specialty. Historically and in religion, the lamb is seen as a sacrificial being and a symbol of innocence, suffering, purity, and gentleness.

The rate of lamb growth and development into an adult sheep will depend on genetics and the level of care the lamb receives. Nutrition is an important factor here, and if you want to grow your lamb faster, you’ll need to feed it higher-quality grass. This means feeding it greener grass that is fuller with nutrients.

Do Lambs Turn Into Goats?

No, lambs don’t turn into goats, they turn into sheep.

Essentially, a lamb is just a stage of a sheep’s life. It is the earliest stage of its life until it reaches the age of 12 months. Then, the lamb becomes a sheep.

On the other hand, a baby boat is called a kid. The kid then turns into a goat, and that is the main difference between a lamb and a kid. In terms of appearance, they are quite similar, though.

Is Goat Meat Called Lamb?

No, goat meat is not called lamb. Lamb is the meat of a baby sheep, while the meat of a goat is simply just called “goat”, mutton, or goat meat.

Goat meat is different from lamb meat. While it might not be as common, goat meat is eaten all over the world. It is most popular in Europe, but you’ll likely find it across all continents, just not as common as lamb meat.

Lamb meat is the meat that comes from a lamb. It is different from mutton both in terms of appearance and taste. Lamb meat is slightly more tender than goat meat, but some people say that goat meat is better than lamb, while others have a different opinion still.

Lamb meat is a staple of many diets and a crucial part of different societies. Sheep and goat meat, as well as lamb, are quite popular in some Asian countries like Mongolia, Turkmenistan, and in some European countries as well. The most notable country to have a lot of lamb meat is Iceland.

Is Lamb Meat Better than Goat Meat?

The answer to this is subjective, but many people believe lamb meat to be superior to goat and sheep meat in terms of quality and taste.

That’s because it’s more tender and moist, while sheep and goat meat tend to be tougher.

On the other hand, there are also many people that prefer mutton to lamb. They think it is milder and sweeter in taste, which is better for cuisine and especially for different recipes.

Goat meat is also a bit more nutritious than lamb meat, which makes it slightly better for getting more out of the meat.

Additionally, goat meat is also less fatty and slightly healthier, while lamb has slightly more fat and is more satiating.

Lamb meat is often preferred in certain cultures where they use it for the barbeque or to smoke it, while goat meat is more appropriate to be used in the kitchen with different recipes.


The simple answer to the question of whether a lamb is a goat is: no, a lamb is not a goat, but a young sheep. The lamb, once it grows up, will become a sheep. A lamb is considered to be a lamb until it reaches the age of at least 12 months when it is a sheep.

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