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How Much Does a Peacock Cost? ($50 to $2000)

How Much Does a Peacock Cost

A peacock costs anywhere between $50 and $300, depending on several factors. The cost of the peacock will depend on the health and look of the peacock, its age, type of peacock, and its location.

Peachicks will cost less than that – between $10 and $50.

Type of PeacockExpected Price
India Blue$50-$75
Black Shoulder Peacock$50-$100
Spalding Peacock $75-$125
Pied Peacock$125-$250
Cameo Peacock$200-$250
White Peacock$200-$250
Violette Peacock$1000
Java Green Peacock$2000+

The peacock is one of the most colorful birds in the world, and its color and beauty is a reason it fetches such a high price. Furthermore, because we celebrate its look so much, we give a lot of importance to how a peacock looks when determining the price of the animal.

The more colorful it is and the fewer imperfections it has, the higher the price of the peacock can be.

How Much Do Peacocks Cost?

In general, the prices of peacocks can be as low as $10 for peachicks and $50 for adult peacocks, all the way up to $300 for the most expensive peacocks.

However, these prices are only a rough estimate of the cost of a peacock. The price will heavily vary on several factors and some peacocks can sell for much more than just $300, especially the most prestigious and expensive peacock breeds known in the world.

Birds with little to no defects, straight toes, and vibrant colors are more expensive than the rest. One or two imperfections in a peacock will slightly decrease its price, which might further be decreased due to its age, gender, location, type of peacock, and several other factors.

What Impacts the Price of Peacocks?

Here are some of the main factors that determine the cost of a peacock.

1. Type of Peacock

The first thing you need to look at is what type of peacock you’re buying. There are several types of peacocks – the most common being Indian, Green, and Congo peacocks. Each type has its characteristics and general features, upon which the price of the peacock will depend.

Here are some of the main types of peacocks and their prices, ordered from least expensive to most expensive.

Type of PeacockExpected Price
India Blue$50-$75
Black Shoulder Peacock$50-$100
Spalding Peacock $75-$125
Pied Peacock$125-$250
Cameo Peacock$200-$250
White Peacock$200-$250
Violette Peacock$1000
Java Green Peacock$2000+

2. Condition of the Peacock

The second most important factor when it comes to pricing a peacock is its condition. This means whether the peacock is genetically pure or not, as well as how well it is kept.

Some peacocks will naturally have some faults and small imperfections that can decrease their price.

The visual aspect of peacocks is very important since these animals rely heavily on their appearance. Perhaps the most important factor in the price of a peacock will be its coloration.

While some of it is conditioned through genetics and the type of peacock, it will mostly vary from individual to individual.

For example, some of the most common imperfections in peacocks that decrease their prices include:

  • Inconsistent coloration
  • Bad toes
  • Other birth defects
  • Spots of no coloration
  • Poor color distribution

All of these minor flaws can impact the price of a peacock. The more imperfections it has, the lower its price will be. For example, a Spalding peacock with a lot of imperfections like this might cost $75, while a perfect specimen with not as many faults will cost closer to the price of $125.

3. Size and Age

Another factor that you need to consider when talking about the price of a peacock is the size of the peacock and its age.

Usually, larger adult peacocks will be more expensive than smaller and younger peacocks. Peachicks, on the other hand, will only cost between $10 and $30 – again, the price will depend on the type of peacock.

Some people even consider buying peacock eggs that they take care of themselves. This is a great method if you want to raise a peacock yourself without spending too much on an adult peacock.

In general, peacock eggs cost between $25 and $100, as the price will depend on the breed of the peacock.

The reason why these eggs can be so expensive is that peacocks will only lay about 20 eggs per year, which makes them a bit tougher to come by. But it’s a good method of owning a peacock if you already have some knowledge of how to raise a healthy peacock.

4. Location

The location of the seller will also play a role in how much a peacock will cost. In some states or countries, peacock prices will vary depending on the supply and demand.

But this factor is also important to consider because of logistics.

Buying peacocks will require you to take care of logistics, and the bill for fuel can run as high as $100 if you buy peacocks from another state. So when you’re choosing a peacock, the best thing is to go local and choose sellers that are nearby, but you must also know that this isn’t always possible.

What are the Additional Costs of Owning Peacocks?

Owning peacocks also comes with additional costs that you’ll need to consider before buying a peacock. These are some of the main additional costs that you’ll have to keep in mind.

  • Fencing and coop – the first thing you need to take care of providing shelter for your peacocks. They will require shelter in case of cold or bad weather, so the costs of building these coops can run quite high if you opt for better materials.
  • Food – obviously, you’ll also need to provide food for your peacocks. Make sure that you set aside $20 or so for food such as crickets, corn, fruits, worms, and other foods that peacocks enjoy.
  • Health costs – in addition to the costs seen above, you’ll also need to take into account the costs that come with owning peacocks, such as vet costs and potential medications that they might need to take.


Peacocks are some of the most interesting animals to own. They can brighten up your yard or home and provide some much-needed color to make life more interesting. However, the most colorful peacocks can be expensive, as their prices will vary based on how well developed they are and the type of peacock you buy.

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