5 Times Dog and Cat Became Best Friends

They’re often at each other’s throats, but sometimes, you get two sweet souls – dog and cat – who turn out being the best of friends. These five images demonstrate that beautiful moment, and they’ll make your heart melt!

Big and Small

st bernard with kitten

This big adorable St Bernard seems to have developed a liking for this teeny tiny kitten, and it’s absolutely adorable.

Snuggle Buddies

puppy and kitten snuggling

This kitten has snuggled up to its best friend – a puppy! I can imagine they’re having a cuddle after a long day playing together in the apartment.

Love at First Sight

dog and cat first meeting

These two little creatures seem to be very, very young. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the first time either one has seen an animal of the other type. They’re really checking each other out here!

A Good View

rotweiller with kitten

This kitten seems to have figured out that sitting on the rottweiler’s head helps her to get a great view of her surrounds. For his part, the rottweiler is being very patient!

Play Time

dog and cat in wooden box

I wonder what this dog and cat are getting up to in their wooden box? Chances are, they’re up to no good!

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