Crocodile vs Tiger (Strength, Size, Diet, Habitat)

The fight between a crocodile and a tiger would be a very close one; a lot will depend on where the fight is fought and which crocodile species the tiger is fighting against.

Larger crocodile species like saltwater crocodiles would be able to beat a tiger, but on land, the tiger would have the advantage.

It’s likely that no tiger would be a match for the largest crocodile in the world, which was called Lolong. This crocodile was 20 feet large and even the most agile and powerful of tigers would probably stand no chance against it. Tigers, on the other hand, have the advantage of being stealthy and fast.

Crocodile vs Tiger

Summary Table: Crocodile vs Tiger

Strength (Bite Force)3700 PSI1050 PSI
SizeUp to 20 feetUp to 4 feet
HabitatTropicalRainforests, grasslands, savannas
Conservation StatusLow – endangeredEndangered

Comparison: Crocodile vs Tiger

Let’s compare the crocodile against the tiger in some crucial categories.

1. Strength

First of all, let’s see which animal is stronger.

The crocodile has a clear advantage when it comes to bite force: its bite force is three times as tougher as the bite force of the tiger. A crocodile is also much larger and bulkier than a tiger, especially the largest crocodile species. The largest-ever crocodile was a saltwater crocodile which was 20 feet large.

However, the tiger also has its advantages when it comes to strength.

It is much faster and more agile than a crocodile. It would be able to hide and ambush the crocodile if there was a fight between the two. Additionally, a tiger usually attacks from the back, which would make the crocodile’s defense mechanisms useless.

The crocodile is larger than the tiger, but it’s usually not stronger than the tiger, especially the smaller croc species. The tiger would probably win out in a fight between these two animals thanks to its superior hunting techniques and strength.

But it’s also true that the tiger would probably not be a match for the largest crocodiles in the world. These crocodiles would be too much to handle for the tiger and a fight between the largest crocodile species and a tiger would usually result in a win for the crocodile. Therefore, it’s fair to say that the strength of these two animals largely depends on which croc species we’re looking at.

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2. Size

There’s great variety in sizes of different crocodile species: the smallest crocodiles might only be 6 feet large, but the largest ones will grow up to 20 feet large. Tigers are usually smaller than most crocodiles.

A typical crocodile will weigh up to 1100 pounds, while a tiger would only weigh 700 pounds. This is quite a big difference in size considering that both live in similar habitats, but it’s not all about the size.

The tiger is well-known for its incredible agility and ability to move on to its target stealthily. This will put it an advantage even over larger animals like crocodiles, especially if they are able to ambush them and attack them from behind. That’s where the crocodile is most vulnerable to attacks.

But just as there is a variety with crocodiles, there is also some variety when it comes to different tigers. Adult tigers, male tigers, and certain tiger species are much larger than female tigers. Thus, a crocodile would have no problems beating a young tiger or a female tiger.

The largest tiger species in the world is the Siberian tiger. This tiger species can grow to be up to 10 feet large, depending on the sex and the age of the tiger. Conversely, the smallest tiger species is the Sumatran tiger, which will only grow to about 8 feet in total size, which is still plenty.

3. Diet

Crocodiles and tigers are heavily carnivorous. They will both enjoy a variety of different foods, as they will both mainly depend on their hunting skills.

Crocs prefer animals that stick close to the water and are easier to surprise that way. They will often hide in the water to ambush their prey, which will create a surprise for the prey. This way, the prey would have little to no chance to fight back against the strong jaws and the sharp teeth of the crocodile.

A typical crocodile will eat smaller mammals, birds, fish, and even some lizards, insects, and a variety of other foods. It’s not a picky eater, because it needs to satiate its need for food and it’s also dominant in its habitat, so it will get pretty aggressive against any animals that come in its way.

The tiger can also be aggressive, but it’s not as territorial as the crocodile. It is more opportunistic rather than purely territorial.

The opportunistic nature of the tiger allows it to hunt down different types of mammals, including deer and other ungulates, as well as wild boar, calves, and other similar animals. Overall, they prefer to hunt larger animals.

4. Habitat

The tiger lives in a wide variety of habitats: from tropical rainforests to savannas, grasslands, and wooded areas. The crocodile, on the other hand, is more commonly seen in tropical habitats with plenty of water.

Sometimes, the habitats of these two animals overlap, which will create competition for space between the two. This can cause fights between them. And this will inevitably cause both animals to get in conflicts with other animals, too.

Unfortunately, some crocodile species and some tigers are endangered because of the loss of habitat and human intervention into nature.

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The comparison between a crocodile and a tiger is not easy to make. Sure, they might sometimes come into conflict as they live in similar habitats, but these are rare because these animals avoid each other. They are both apex predators.

In a fight, it’s likely that a tiger would win unless it is facing a larger crocodile; in that case, the crocodile would be too much for the tiger.

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