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6 Birds with Fur (A to Z List with Pictures)

Birds with Fur

Examples of birds with fur include chicks, ducklings, goslings, killdeer chick, and kiwi bird.

Birds that have feathers that look like fur are a phenomenon that has been documented by bird enthusiasts and scientists for many years. These birds are typically found in cold climates and have adapted to the harsh environment by growing feathers that cover their entire body, except for their beaks and feet.

While there are many different species of birds with fur-like feathers, some of the most notable include the chicken, ducks, and kiwi birds. This unique characteristic allows these birds to stay warm during the winter months while also providing them with an advantage when it comes to camouflage.

Examples of Birds with Fur

1. Chicks

Scientific NameGallus gallus domesticus
Type of AnimalBird

The most common bird that is known for its fur-like feathers is the chick. Chickens are domesticated bird that is typically found on farms. They are omnivorous birds that eat both plant and animal matter. In the wild, chickens can be found in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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2. Ducklings

Scientific NameAnas platyrhynchos
Type of AnimalBird

Ducklings are one of the most common types of birds that have fur-like feathers. These cute little birds are typically born with downy feathers that cover their entire body.

As they grow older, the downy feathers are replaced with adult feathers that have a fur-like appearance. While most ducks have brown or gray fur-like feathers, there are some species, like the Mandarin duck, that have brightly colored feathers.

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3. Goslings

Scientific NameAnser
Type of AnimalBird

These little guys are the downy chicks of geese and ducks. Covered in soft, protective feathers, they’re born fully equipped to survive their first few days outside the egg. The downy fluff is vital for regulating their body temperature and keeping them dry – two key factors in a newborn’s survival.

4. Killdeer Chick

Scientific NameCharadrius vociferus
Type of AnimalBird
Rangesandbars, mudflats, grazed fields, lawns, driveways, athletic fields, parking lots, airports, and golf courses

The killdeer chick is a species of bird that is known for its fur-like feathers. The killdeer is a type of plover, and it is found in North America. These birds are small, but they are very hardy.

They have a dark brown body with lighter brown streaks on their wings. Their feathers are dense and downy, and they have a thick coat of feathers on their legs and feet.

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5. Kiwi Bird

Scientific NameApteryx
Type of AnimalBird
RangeNew Zealand

The kiwi bird is a native of New Zealand and is the only member of the genus Apteryx. The kiwi bird is also the smallest member of the ratite family, which includes birds such as ostriches, emus, and rheas.

The kiwi bird has a number of unique characteristics, including its fur-like feathers. These feathers are not only used for insulation, but they also help to camouflage the kiwi bird from predators. The kiwi bird is also notable for its long beak, which is used to probe for insects and other small animals that make up its diet.

6. Silkie Chicken

Scientific NameGallus gallus
Type of AnimalBird
RangeAsia, most believe China or Japan while others favor India

The Silkie Chicken is a breed of chicken that is well known for its fur-like feathers. The breed originates from Asia and is widely considered to be one of the oldest domesticated chicken breeds in the world. Silkie Chickens are often kept as pets or used in shows due to their unique appearance.


There are many different types of birds that have fur-like feathers. These feathers are used for insulation and camouflage. The most common type of bird with fur-like feathers is chicks.

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