10 Birds That Symbolize Freedom (A to Z List with Pictures)

Birds That Symbolize Freedom

These ten birds symbolize freedom: doves, eagles, peacocks, canary, herons, sparrows, albatross, robins, parakeets, and cranes.

Birds have forever been associated with freedom because they can fly with no boundaries whatsoever. However, some birds are an exact representation of freedom. 

Today, you are going to read about some birds that symbolize freedom and what you can learn from these birds.

Birds that Symbolize Freedom

1. Albatross

Scientific NameDiomedeidae
RangeAntarctica to Australia, South Africa, and South America

The albatross is a solitary bird that also represents the true side of freedom.

These birds mostly live alone and travel incredible distances in the high sea. The lesson you can learn from an albatross is that sometimes true freedom means to live so far away from people that you are totally dependent on yourself for everything.

You do not need anyone to take care of you or to look for you. This may be frightening for some people but that is the whole essence of freedom.

The more you are bound to the materialistic realm, the farther away you get from freedom.  

2. Canary

Scientific NameSerinus canaria
Size3-4 inches
HabitatOrchards and forests

Although there are some negative symbols associated with the canary, this bird also represents freedom.

Overall, a canary carries a lot of positive symbols with it and freedom is one of them. Also, this bird is viewed as a happy bird by most people.

In a true sense, canary inspires us to let go of our ego which sometimes drives us to do bad things. Ego is not a good thing to have and you can’t truly be free if you carry an ego with you. 

3. Cranes

Scientific NameGruidae
RangeNorth America

Cranes are beautiful birds that are associated with the renewal of the mind and the spirit and are also associated with freedom.

For you to be free, first of all, your mind and spirit should be free from any negativity or bad norms of society. Only then can you pursue your freedom journey.

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4. Doves

Scientific NameStreptopelia turtur
RangeNorth America

Doves are some of the most beautiful birds on this planet. These cute and innocent birds are considered to be some of the freest birds of them all.

Doves also have a deep meaning and symbolic representation in the Bible. They are depicted as the Holy Spirit in the Bible.

Not only does a dove represent freedom in a true sense but they also represent love, hope, strength, peace, and purity. Doves are free spirits that do not bother anyone at all and just keep moving forward in life.

Just like a dove, you should learn to be free and bring peace to this world.  

5. Eagles (Especially the Bald Eagle)

Scientific NameHaliaeetus leucocephalus
Type of AnimalBird
RangeNorth American

Eagles are stunning predator birds that also represent freedom in many cultures.

There are a lot of reasons why an eagle represents freedom. First of all, it is one of the top predators in the natural food chain. With no threats to its life from other animals, an eagle does not worry about anything.

Secondly, an eagle flies quite high in the sky and high above pretty much all the other birds. So, it gets the top view of everything that happens below.

Thirdly, it is the bird that represents the United States, which is a county that prides itself in being the land of the free.

Overall, it is a symbol of freedom, strength, and courage in many people’s eyes.

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6. Herons

Scientific NameArdea herodias (Giant Blue Heron)
RangeWorldwide except Exterme Cold and Exterme Heat Areas

Herons also symbolize freedom in a very good way.

These stunning-looking creatures inspire you to be fierce, self-reliant, and have a free will of your own. In your journey to gain freedom, it is more than necessary to have a free will. If you can’t think on your own and make independent choices then you are not truly free. First of all, you should learn to make wise and strong choices as it gives you more confidence to be financially free.  

7. Parakeets

Scientific NamePsittacara holochlorus
Size12,5 inches

Many people believe that seeing a parakeet flying in the sky is a positive symbol and represents freedom.

In many countries, parakeets are sold as pets and often kept in cages, which is considered a bad omen by many. These birds are meant to fly and it is not good to keep them caged-in for any reason.

That is why it is such a powerful symbol to see a parakeet fly high in the sky. Every bird that can fly deserves to fly and keeping them inside a cage is not justified.

8. Peacocks

Scientific NamePavo cristatus, Afropavo congensis, Afropavo congensis,
RangeSouth-East Asia, South Asia, Africa
Conservation StatusLeast Concern

A peacock is a mystical and one of the most stunning birds found on this planet.

They have a lot of positive meanings and symbols associated with them in many countries in the Southern Asia region.

It is believed that the Peacock’s body does not rot after its passing, according to the Bible. Also, in many mythical tales, peacocks are depicted as free spirits that do not harm anyone and mostly keep to themselves.

Also, a peacock has a lot of spiritual symbols associated with it. The feathers of a peacock are also representatives of freedom.  

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9. Robins (American Robin)

Scientific NameTurdus migratorius
Type of AnimalBird
Rangeanywhere south of Canada in North America

Robins are tiny cute little birds and you will immediately start seeing them when the spring arrives. These birds also represent freedom and renewal.

Again, freedom sometimes also means rebirth and renewal. With a new beginning, you can start your life more independently and make better decisions because of all the lessons you have learned in the past. Just make sure that you do not let this new chance go to waste at any cost.

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10. Sparrows

Scientific NamePasseridae
RangeAsia, North Africa, and most of Europe

Sparrows are some of the most common birds found in cities as well as in wildlife. These birds represent a different kind of freedom that is associated with renewal.

On very rare occasions, people get a chance to start their journey all over again. They still have their memories from the past but when you have a clean slate and you are mature enough to make decisions on your own then you are also free in a different way.

Now you can take your fresh start and be free in your own choices.


Those are some of the birds that represent freedom in the truest form of all. Just remember that freedom brings a lot of peace and satisfaction to the mind. But it also brings a lot of responsibilities and before you demand freedom, make sure that you are ready for what it takes.

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