Are There Alligators in Oklahoma?

Yes, there are alligators in Oklahoma. Records indicate that alligators are native to the state. As far back as the 1800s, there have been alligators thriving in the Red and Little River in the southeast side of the state.

Even if it snows, the alligators can survive, provided that the water underneath stays liquid. When this happens, alligators stay underwater while the surface is frozen. However, the alligators put their snouts above the surface to breathe.

Are There Alligators in Oklahoma

Are there crocodiles in Oklahoma?

No, there are no crocodiles in Oklahoma. There are only two species of crocodilians in the United States. These are the American Alligator and the American Crocodile.

The American alligator is endemic to the United States, while the American crocodile thrives in the Americas.

The American crocodile has tolerance for saltwater, so it has populated a small area in the U.S. It mainly lives in southern Florida, but it does not have a presence in other states.

In Florida, there are American crocodiles in the Tampa Bay area, but most of them are in southern areas of Florida. The state is the only place in the whole world where crocodiles and alligators live together.

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Are there alligators in Oklahoma City?

Yes, there are sightings of alligators in Oklahoma City River or North Canadian River. As far back as 1977, there was a report from a man named Jim Ellis who saw a gator in the river.

At first, Jim thought that it was a snake.Then, he grabbed it, and as it turned out, it was a small gator, about 29 inches in length. Some people speculated that it was a pet that someone released in the wild.

The city’s paper, The Oklahoman, has records indicating that there have been several instances of alligators being seen in the city.

In 1947, another man spotted a 6-foot gator. The fire department was dispatched to the scene, but they failed to catch it. Experts believe that the gator washed downstream because of high water.

There are no modern sightings of alligators in Oklahoma City, but it does not mean the alligators will not be around.

During flooding, some alligators get washed up in the river. If the river takes an alligator to Oklahoma, then that alligator will eventually be spotted.

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Are there alligators in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

No, there are no alligators in Tulsa. Although alligators are indigenous to the state, they are rarely seen. There are no places in Oklahoma where alligators live as they do in large populations in Florida.

Tulsa is a huge and populous city. It is the 47th most populous city in the country. As such, the entire city is not conducive to alligators.

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Could alligators live in Oklahoma?

Yes, alligators can live in Oklahoma because there are many rivers in the state. There are also many lakes in Oklahoma. As freshwater animals, alligators can thrive here.

There is a problem, though. It snows in Oklahoma almost every winter. As cold-blooded animals, alligators are not best suited for the environment.

Alligators, however, have a way to survive in winter. As mentioned earlier, alligators can submerge themselves underwater and only leave their snouts above the surface. The snout has to be above the surface so the gator can breathe.

When alligators do this, they will not eat and move until the ice is thawed. Some people make the mistake of thinking that the alligator is dead. They poke the gator, only to find out that it is alive.

Because of the winter, Oklahoma is not exactly an ideal environment for alligators and crocodiles. These animals want warm temperatures, and it is why they mostly live in tropical areas. 

Are there alligators in zoos in Oklahoma?

Yes, apart from the American alligator, some zoos in Oklahoma also have critically endangered Chinese alligators.

As of September 2020, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden welcomed three 6-month-old Chinese alligators. It is part of the drive to conserve Chinese alligators, as there are only 120 to 150 of them in the wild.

What zoos in Oklahoma have alligators?

Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo does not only care for animals. The operators also provide financial support for the conservation of wildlife. They are involved in monitoring the winter bird, lesser prairie populations, and bats.

In 2021, the zoo accepted three Chinese alligators. The gators were six months old when they arrived at the zoo, and the plan is to educate people about its current status. Apart from the Chinese alligator, the zoo also has American alligators.

Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo occupies 85 acres of land. It is a non-profit zoo where the primary focus is to inspire people to care for animals. It is located in Mohawk Park

There are many exhibits here, such as the Lost Kingdom, Penguin Habitat, The Rainforest, the Chimpanzee Connection, and many more.

Tulsa Zoo has Chinese alligators too, and they are located in the Lost Kingdom. Specifically, the gators are in the Lynn and Barbara Owens Chinese Alligator exhibit.

Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park

The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park also comes by many names like G.W. Zoo and Tiger king Park. It is primarily a park for big cats. It garnered a lot of attention when Netflix released its documentary about its founder, Joe Exotic.

There are alligators in the park. People can also take photos with small gators. Despite gator presence, the main attraction for the park is its big cats.

There is a wildlife tour for guests, and it is a better option for people who want to learn more about the cats and the other animals.

Summary: Are There Alligators in Oklahoma?

There are alligators in Oklahoma, but they are extremely rare. Alligators in the U.S. are mainly found on the coast of Florida, particularly in the Everglades. Oklahoma is inside the mainland, so the gators are not widespread. Although there have been sightings of alligators in Oklahoma, there are no confirmed gator habitats in the area. Apart from Florida, the states where there are many gators are Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

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