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Are Rams Dangerous?

Rams aren’t necessarily dangerous to humans, but they can become if they are irritated. Rams can sometimes be unpredictable in their behavior. They don’t see humans as a direct territorial threat but might be inclined to attack if they are provoked.

Rams are unpredictable in their behavior against humans. You might have heard many stories of ram attacks on humans that were unprovoked. These can be dangerous since rams can charge at humans with speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. That’s why it’s important to understand the behavior of a ram and what it predicts.

Are Rams Dangerous

Are Rams Aggressive?

Rams can be quite aggressive against other rams, animals, and even humans. They might attack if they are territorial, if they are provoked, or they might even attack if they are not provoked.

Most of these attacks can be avoided by better understanding the behavior of a ram. While it’s true that rams can be unpredictable in how they live and attack or if they will decide to attack, there are also some predictors that will allow you to tell whether a ram is provoked or not.

Rams are aggressive against other rams and other territorial animals. The reason for this is that rams can also be quite aggressive and territorial. They don’t like other animals encroaching into their living space, so they will not hesitate to attack another animal if they feel like their living space is endangered.

When rams get aggressive, they will attack using their horns. They will charge against the other animal or human and try and knock it out with its horns. When they attack another ram, they will also charge at the enemy head-on. But other rams also have horns, so these attacks will be defended.

A ram attack can be dangerous and potentially even lethal. In fact, there have been several reports of ram attacks not ending well for other animals as well as humans. 

Do Rams Attack Humans?

Rams can attack humans and they are very unpredictable. If you treat the ram right and not provoke it, then the likelihood of a ram attacking will be lower. However, even if that’s the case and you don’t provoke the ram, you might get attacked.

Ram attacks can be lethal if the ram strikes strongly or if it strikes the right spot. There have been many reports and stories of ram attacks ending poorly for humans. Fatalities or ram attacks are rare, but they still happen. 

Raising a ram as a pet will decrease the likelihood of ram attacks on humans. If you raise them correctly and help make sure that they are not aggressive, you will massively decrease the chance of a ram attacking you. But even pet rams can be aggressive and might attack, though these attacks are not very common.

Sometimes, ram attacks are unprovoked and will happen regardless of human behavior around a ram. But in the majority of ram attacks, they are provoked and happen because of specific human actions that increase the likelihood of ram attacks. Again, it’s vital to understand ram behavior and what causes them to attack.

What Causes Ram Attacks?

Some of the most common reasons for ram attacks include:

  • Petting rams on the head
  • Hand-rearing rams
  • Unsocialized behavior
  • Irritation
  • Overly touching the rams or irritating them one way or another

These are some of the most common causes of ram attacks. You should watch out for these behaviors of yours that might be encouraging these attacks. You might not realize it, but one of the most common reasons for ram attacks and charges against humans is human behavior, which reinforces their willingness to attack.

In the vast majority of cases, rams will attack because they will be angered or irritated by something that humans did to them. Rams prefer to stay away from humans as they see them as alien species, which is normal. So it’s best not to overly interact with rams, especially if the ram is not used to you yet.

If the ram that you own was raised as a pet, the likelihood of ram attacks against you is much lower. However, there is still a chance of it happening, no matter how good level of care you took for the ram or how you interacted with it. The truth is that rams will sometimes attack even though they’re not necessarily provoked.

So over-interaction with rams should be avoided, as should excessive petting or touching of the rams. Try to keep some distance if you suspect that a ram is about to attack or is aggressive.

Can Rams Hurt You?

Yes, rams can definitely hurt you if they attack you with all their power. A strong ram attack will potentially cause a lot of damage to the human body since rams can charge with speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

Now, not all ram attacks are lethal. Because rams attack head-first, you’ll probably experience a ram attack somewhere on your body even when you’re not aware of the attack happening. 

Rams are known for their slightly more aggressive nature towards animals and creatures they don’t feel a strong connection with. So if you’re not on good terms with a ram, then you might experience an attack. Ram attacks can be fierce and they might cause serious harm such as broken bones and other injuries.

In rare cases, ram attacks might be lethal. But this doesn’t happen very often. If you know how to deal with a ram and treat it properly, then you probably won’t experience an attack from your rams anytime soon.


To conclude, rams can be dangerous, but their attacks are rarely lethal. They are aggressive towards other rams and animals they feel threatened by. They can get quite territorial, so it’s advised to keep rams alone and not touch them too much.

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