13 Animals That Symbolize Strength (A to Z List & Pictures)

Animals that symbolize strength include ants, gorillas, lions, wolves, horses, bears, and elephants.

Animals That Symbolize Strength

For millennia, humans have looked to the animal kingdom for examples of strength, both physical and mental. We can see this symbolism in images of animals such as the lion, ram, wolf, and many more.

These species all exemplify in very different ways how strength can be used in everyday life.

We can learn a lot from them about our own strength and endurance, and how we can persevere through the obstacles and difficulties of life. Here are 13 animals that most symbolize strength.

Animals that Symbolize Strength

1. Ants

No matter how small it may be, the ant is able to make enormous strides and accomplishments against the odds by working together.

This tiny insect proves that hard work and diligence are another, sometimes more powerful form of strength.

Ants also represent strength in numbers. If you are struggling to overcome a goal, or feel you may not be strong enough for a certain task, you can always look to the industrious ant.

It shows that when you have tried to do something on your own and it proves impossible, you should turn to a group or community for assistance.

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2. Bears

Bears symbolize strength, domination, and force. Bears are some of the largest and most powerful land animals on earth.

With their enormous bodies and brute power, they are able to protect themselves and their young better than most other species in the animal kingdom.

Bears are an effective representation of how much can be gained through personal strength: they can grant you courage, self-confidence, fearlessness, and a sense of security that is coveted by many.

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3. Deer

The deer is the perfect symbol of what strength can look like when accompanied by grace and tenderness.

It shows us that being strong doesn’t have to mean showing brute strength, but also exercising determination through spiritual strength.

Just think of how the deer moves when predators appear – with incredible speed, but also grace and precision. These animals are the definition of “gentle strength.”

4. Dung Beetles

As the strongest animal in the world (relative to its size), the industrious dung beetle is a symbol of strength and determination.

These tiny insects are capable of maneuvering balls of dung that are many times larger and heavier than themselves.

The symbolism is clear – it is easy to underestimate someone’s strength, but often the strongest of us are the ones you least expect.

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5. Eagles

The eagle is a symbol of strength, power, precision, and courage. This is largely due to the bird’s unusually strong beaks and claws, which can catch and crush large prey in a matter of moments.

When a bird is made the national symbol of a country like the USA, you can bet there’s some significant meaning behind it.

The eagle teaches us to seek out and embrace our own strengths, but also to use them wisely.

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6. Elephants

The hardy elephant represents strength in both body and mind. Elephants are also important symbols Thai culture, and in the Hindu religion where elephants represent the god Ganesha.

They are huge imposing figures that also dictate strength through their natural air of authority, but they also have a strong constitution, spending days foraging for food and seeking out water for their children and herd.

The elephant tells us that there is just as much strength in endurance as there is in physical might, and that strength, in general, is for more than just fighting – it should be used to serve and protect your loved ones.

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7. Gorillas

Few animals are as powerful a visual symbol of strength as the gorilla, which can lift more than ten times its own weight.

This hulking, powerful beast is the epitome of physical strength.

But it is also important to note that the gorilla rarely uses this strength, as its intimidating physique and aura are often enough to ward off potential threats.

In truth, they are generally peaceful and humble creatures. They are a good reminder that you do not always have to exert your strength to command respect.

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8. Horses

Horses can be a symbol of both physical and personal strength.

Just think of the terms “workhorse” or “horsepower” – for thousands of years these animals have been used to carry the burdens of other species without buckling, and have always been recognized for their strength.

These animals maintain a sense of beauty and nobility in their strength, showing that being physically strong does not have to equate with brutishness or brutality, as some humans might think.

9. Lions

The lion represents many things including strength, pride, and authority. Their wild manes, terrifying roar, and a general aura of power have always been seen as an indicator of terrific strength.

When you are known as the king of the animal world, then being a symbol of strength must go without saying.

Those who hold the totem of the lion, or commune with it as a spirit animal, are natural-born leaders who are able to guide many using their strength and courage. And it is their strength that draws people close to them and inspires them to follow the lion-hearted person.

10. Rams

Rams are often associated with male fertility and potency (think the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians), and in the zodiac, the ram is also the first sign, and symbolizes leadership.

For these reasons this hardy animal has had a long association with strength, possibly owing to its intimidatingly strong horns and fearlessness in the face of adversity.

11. Rhinoceroses

With their thick legs and body that weigh over 1000 kilograms, it’s no surprise that humans see the Rhino as a symbol of strength and sturdiness.

At first glance, they can seem like intimidating creatures, and crossing their path can be frightening.

But in truth, the Rhino is an extremely gentle herbivorous animal that does not hunt, attack, or prey on other beasts.

They are a perfect symbol of how we as people can be strong, thick-skinned, and resilient, and yet not let ourselves become cruel and hardened by the world.

12. Tiger 

In East Asia, the tiger is so much a symbol of strength that children born under the Year of the Tiger are said to be born with natural strength and valor.

These apex predators are mighty, fearsome hunters, and stand at the top of the food chain in their natural habitats.

As with any creature that lives through life with no predators and few contenders, they radiate strength, confidence, and independence.

13. Wolves

Wolves are undoubtedly powerful creatures, but their power is implicit both as individuals and as a group.

Wolves naturally tend towards groups, and they hunt and live with their chosen pack.

 And it is these two traits that make them a symbol of strength: it is their ferocious physical strength that makes them stand out as an individual animals, but it is usually only by protecting their pack that they choose to use that strength.


These animals show us that great physical, mental, and spiritual strength can be found in all shapes and sizes.

Whether it is individual power or strength in numbers, these symbols of strength can teach us a great deal about what it means to have strength, and how we can use it in the right ways that can benefit us, our loved ones, and the communities that we live in.

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