11 Animals That Eat Carrots (List)

Animals That Eat Carrots

There are many animals that eat carrots, not just known herbivores like rabbits. For example, people may not know that common household pets like cats and dogs also eat carrots.

Carrots are packed with vitamins and minerals. However, the best way to serve them to animals is cooked without seasoning or anything. It is because carrots may have parasites in them.

List of Animals That Eat Carrots

1. Rabbits

Rabbits or bunnies are the first animals that come to mind as far as carrot goes. This mindset was popularized by a cartoon character, Bugs Bunny.

Rabbits are popular pets because they are highly docile. These animals, however, can be invasive species because they multiply so fast. Rabbits must only eat carrots from time to time as it is high in sugar.

As a pet, rabbits will do best with green veggies and an occasional carrot treat. Pet owners must also not feed rabbits with lots of pellets as these are not good for them.

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2. Groundhogs

A groundhog is a rodent, and they do not make good pets. However, some people still do. They chew on almost anything, and they do eat carrots.

Under normal circumstances, groundhogs eat lots of grasses. They also eat alfalfa, dandelions, and fruits. Their favorites are berries, lettuce, and carrots. They also eat corn and apples.

Groundhogs are foragers. In some areas, they are considered pests. They eat fruits that are supposed to be for harvest. Although they also eat meat, it is only a small part of their diet.

3. Squirrels

Squirrels are also rodents, and they are everywhere. Mostly, one can find squirrels in America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Today, there are squirrels in Australia because people brought them there.

The good thing about squirrels is that they can eat all parts of the carrots. On some animals, some parts of the carrots can be dangerous.

Carrots are not bad for squirrels because of their low caloric content. Carrots also have low fat, and it makes for a healthy snack for squirrels.

Although squirrels may look cuddly in pictures, they areactually a pest. Some of them may even have rabies, so it is best to stay away from them.

4. Deer

Deer are herbivores, and they do eat carrots. However, it is not their main diet. They will also eat cabbage and apples.

To a deer, a carrot may be a tasty treat, but it offers little nutritional value. In zoos, a deer needs a balanced diet of hardwood leaves, branches, and also cereal grains. Zookeepers also feed them with corn,oats and alfalfa.

In the wild, a deer primarily forages for woody portions of plants and trees. They even eat stems and forbs.

5. Horses

Carrots are traditional treats for horses under training. Horses, however, have to eat small amounts but on a regular schedule.

Horses love apples and carrots, but owners must refuse unless it is a special occasion. Horses have a sensitive digestive system, and carrots will not bode well in them. Too many carrots in one day can make horses picky.

6. Dogs

Both raw and cooked carrots are healthy for dogs. They do eat carrots, and these veggies are excellent for a balanced and nutritious dog diet. However, dog owners must cut the carrots to size to prevent choking.

Carrots are also good for a dog’s teeth, and it is why carrots are the main ingredient in many brands of dog food.

7. Cats

Carrots are excellent for cats, but only if they are not raw. Raw carrots can cause digestive problems to the cat. Cooked carrots with seasoning can also cause problems.

Cooked carrots are safe for cats only if boiled. Once cooked, the carrot is free from harmful parasites. These orange munchies are good for cats because they are rich in antioxidants, which become vitamin A. 

8. Vegetable Weevil

A vegetable weevil is an insect that is also known as the snout beetle. There are over 1,000 species of this animal, and many of them are pests. However, some of them are actually beneficial to the environment.

They are called vegetable weevils because they eat crops. Some people keep them as pets, and they can live up to two years.

Those who keep vegetable weevils will be happy to know that carrot is part of their diet. They thrive in tomato patches, carrot gardens, and pretty much any garden that has ich foliage.

9. Nematodes

Nematodes are small animals that shed their cuticle. These animals include insects and also arachnids. Some of them are crustaceans.

In common parlance, a nematode is a worm, or specifically, roundworms. They eat carrots, and some varieties are parasitic.

As parasites, nematodes eat carrot crops, which can affect the harvest of farmers. Another variant, the eelworm, prefers to live in sandy soils, a type of soil that carrots prefer.

10. Wireworms

Wireworms are the larvae of click beetles. They are called so because they flip in the air and create a clicking sound after landing.

Wireworms love carrots, and they also destroy crops. Most of the time, one can find them in corn plantations. However, they are present on many farms, including lettuce, onion, and carrot farms.

11. Guinea Pigs

Last on the list is the guinea pig, a herbivore that only eats plants. As a herbivore, it will also eat plant-based foods. The guinea pig has a picky diet, so the carrot is not the main source of its energy.

Guinea pig owners must feed the pets with high-quality hay. There are commercially available pellets for these animals, so carrots are only good as a weekly treat. The owners must limit fresh fruits and veggies, as the guinea pig may not get the adequate nutrition it needs.


Many animals eat carrots, but this is not their main diet. People who keep pets must not feed too many carrots as this can cause some deficiencies. In addition, carrots must be cooked, as most vegetables today have high levels of parasitic contamination.

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