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Joe is a freelance writer for FaunaFacts. Joe has written extensively about snakes for the site, but also contributes content about a range of animals.

Where Do Deer Go To Give Birth?

Deer give birth in the safest places they can find. They try to find a place away from other deer and other animals. Usually, they will deliver fawns in a quiet, secluded meadow covered in thick vegetation. Similarly, if their habitat is close to a human population, deer will find a place away from towns …

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Are Deer Related To Horses?

Deer are not closely related to horses. Horses belong to the Equidae family, while deer’s family is Cervidae. Key similarities and differences between horses and deer include: One way of determining how related mammals are is by looking at their toes. Horses belong to a group of mammals with an odd number of toes. On …

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Do Foxes Eat Deer?

Foxes are omnivorous creatures, meaning they eat both meat and vegetation. Deer are also opportunistic feeders, which means they can eat virtually anything they find including deer. However, a fox will not go out of its way to hunt deer. This is because a fox is just not large enough to take down a full-grown …

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What Does It Mean When A Deer Blows And Snorts?

A deer’s blow and snort can mean several things. It might simply mean a deer is clearing its nostrils or has sensed danger. Other times the snort may be directed to another deer to display dominance. Mature bucks usually produce these sounds, especially during mating season. Deer are proficient at communicating with various sounds. Therefore, it is …

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Do Deer Eat Mice?

Deer generally will not eat mice unless they are desperate. Thus, technically, they could eat mice, albeit on very rare occasions. Deer are designed to eat grasses, wheat, and foliage. Nevertheless, as opportunistic meat-eaters, deer do not actively hunt for mice. Instead, they eat them when the chance presents itself, for instance, when they chance …

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Are Deer And Goats Related?

Even though they are both mammals and even-toed ungulates, deer and goats are not very closely related. They belong to different taxonomic families and would be unable to breed. Deer are of the family Cervidae while Goats are members of the family Bovidae. Goats are more closely related to cows and antelopes than they are …

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Do Deer Travel In Herds?

Deer are incredibly gregarious creatures that travel in herds. They travel together to search for food and security. However, certain types of deer, such as moose, do not travel in herds. A dominant female frequently leads the herd. However, in certain cases, herds are divided by gender. Deer mostly form herds to care for and …

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