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Joe is a freelance writer for FaunaFacts. Joe has written extensively about snakes for the site, but also contributes content about a range of animals.

Are Ants Mammals?

Ants are not mammals. They are insects that live together in large groups called colonies. With more than 14,000 known species, ants are some of the most populous insects in the world. While ants and mammals both belong to the kingdom Animalia, they cannot be any more different from each other.  Ants are found in …

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Do Ants Drink Water?

Just like other living things, ants need water to survive. Due to their tiny bodies, ants drink from drops of water or small puddles. There are various ways through which ants drink water, depending on the species and their body size. However, most drink the water found in the food they consume. When there is …

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