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I am the founder and owner of Fauna Facts. My mission is to write valuable and entertaining information about animals and pets for my audience. I hope you enjoy the site!

Do Snakes Feel Pain?

Snakes feel some type of pain, although it’s not entirely known if this pain is the same as humans feel. There is a common myth that snakes (and other cold-blooded animals) don’t feel pain due to the lack of visible response like a facial expression. However, snakes do react if we accidentally step on them …

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Do Snakes Drink Milk?

No, snakes don’t drink milk. They are cold-blooded reptiles, meaning they need water to survive and remain hydrated. Snakes cannot digest dairy products. A mother snake does not have teats and baby snakes do not drink milk from their mothers. The species called ‘Milk snakes’ don’t drink milk either, despite their name! They got the …

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Can You Train a Snake?

Training a pet snake to do tricks isn’t possible. Unlike dogs and other pets, snakes cannot learn complex behaviors. However, they can learn to be calm around trainers and to eat frozen rodents. While a pet snake cannot learn how to roll over, fetch, sit, or come when called, you can still teach it some …

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Snake Hibernation Facts (When, Where, and How Long?)

In winter months in colder climates, snakes go into either hibernation-like dormant state that’s technically called brumation. They use cues such as number of hours of daylight, humidity, and barometric pressure to know when it’s time to enter snake hibernation. Snake hibernation is a state of deep sleep where an animal conserves its energy by …

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Can you eat a Poisonous Snake?

Snake meat is no more poisonous than any other meat. Proper cooking and handling is required to kill possible germs and toxins in snake meat, just like with every other meat. Even their venom could be eaten harmlessly in some situations, so long as it doesn’t get into the bloodstream. It’s the venom stored in …

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Where Do Snakes Live?

Snakes live in every continent (except Antarctica) and countries close to the arctic (Ireland, New Zealand, Greenland, and Iceland). They curl up in rocks, roots, tall grass, and under leaves. Where do Snakes Live? Location Where you’ll Find Them Rainforests The understory of the rainforest, low-hanging trees, and rocks near rivers. Urban Environments Under roots, …

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Are Snakes Afraid of Cats? (And will Cats hunt Snakes?)

Cats will actively hunt snakes, and snakes will actively avoid cats. The slithering motion of the snake awakens the cat’s predatory instincts. So, yes, in general, snakes are afraid of cats and not the other way around. Cats are predators, and they will attack other animals around the garden, including snakes. In fact, scientific research, …

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