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Do Pigs Burp?

Do Pigs Burp

Yes, pigs do burp. They might do so after eating a large meal, and for some pigs, burping is simply a part of their daily life. They will do this behavior like the vast majority of other animals that burp.

Pigs are often connected with dirtiness. Many people might call someone else a pig when they burp, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it comes from a pig’s burping.

Yes, pigs do burp, but it’s not as common as you might think. This behavior might happen for various reasons – the most common being digestion problems.

Do Pigs Burp?

Yes, pigs do burp, as many other animals do. It’s not a special behavior that is connected specifically to pigs. Rather, it’s one of their patterns of behavior that you’ll notice in many other animals, as well.

Have you ever heard a pig burp? If so, have you thought about why they do it? It turns out that for the most part, this behavior is completely normal and it’s part of their daily life. However, it can also be a sign of other problems since it might denote that pigs have a problem with their digestion.

But burping is not something that is exclusive to pigs. You’ll find this behavior in the majority of animals, including humans. In fact, it’s so common that you might have even heard your cat or dog do it. However, when pigs do it, it’s connected to dirtiness and it’s seen as a negative quality.

Unfortunately, pigs do have a reputation for being dirty animals, but this is not completely warranted or fair. When someone does something that is considered dirty, they’re immediately compared to a pig. This is unfortunate since pigs are not as dirty as you might think.

Pigs are connected to dirtiness because they roll in the mud a lot or they might indulge in some behaviors that might make you see them as being dirty. But the truth is that rolling in the mud is necessary for their survival because it means that they stay cool in the heat of the summer.

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Why Do Pigs Burp?

Pigs might burp for various reasons. Most commonly, burping is not a sign of something special in a pig, but it might also denote a health problem in a pig. 

Some of the more common reasons for the burping of pigs are the following.

1. Congestion of Air

The most simple and the most common reason for pigs burping is the accumulation of air inside their stomachs. This might simply come because of excessive breathing or even irregular breathing patterns, which will see pigs start to burp when this happens.

If this is the reason that a pig is burping, then there’s not much that the owner of the pig can do. It’s quite common for this to happen. It might happen when pigs are eating, which is when they have their mouths open. Or, it might happen in the normal life of a pig, so there’s a chance it’s this reason why your pig might be burping.

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2. Digestive Problems

Another reason why a pig might be burping is because of digestive problems. The truth is that pigs sometimes suffer from problems with their digestion. If they have eaten a lot or too much, you might hear them start to burp. You’ll know that this is happening if it happens right after their feeding.

3. Infection

In very rare cases, burping in pigs might be caused by upper respiratory infections. Now, the infection might already be spread widely if the pig is burping a lot.

It might be a sign of an infection, but you’ll only notice that it is an infection if the pig will start showing other symptoms of illness or not feeling well.

If that’s the case with your pig, then the best course of action you can take is to call your vet to check up on your pig. 

How Often Do Pigs Burp?

Pigs burp, but not very often. It might happen on a few occasions when they have just eaten, or it might even happen spontaneously.

The burping of pigs is not that common, but it still happens. This behavior is normal for pigs, so you should not be too worried if you’re concerned. It will happen because of ordinary reasons, such as eating a lot or gasping for air a lot. The result of all this might be burping.

There’s also another factor that might cause pigs to burp – genetics. Some pigs are simply more inclined to burp than others. So if some pigs are burping more often than others, then this might simply be because of their genetics or because of the behavior patterns that are causing them to burp.

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What To Do if a Pig is Burping?

If pigs are burping, then it’s most likely nothing and you should not be too worried about it. For the vast majority of pigs that might be burping, this is completely normal behavior and even expected.

However, if you notice that there are other symptoms to go together with the burping, then you might have a closer look at your pig. It’s most likely that nothing serious is happening to your pig if it is burping, but if you see any symptoms of malaise and illness, then it might be a cause for concern.

If that is the case with your pig, then you’ll want to contact your vet to check up on the pig. But even if your pig is ill, the burping might not happen because of the disease, but it might also be coming spontaneously. In the vast majority of cases, burping in pigs is completely normal.


To conclude, pigs do burp. Like many other animals in the world, pigs might have an inclination for burping. It happens for many different reasons, such as eating too much. In the majority of cases, burping in pigs happens for no particular reason.

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