Black Snake Symbolism and Symbolic Meaning

The black snake is a highly spiritual and symbolic omen. It is believed by some people to be a warning sign for dark energies or harm coming your way.

Spiritual people believe that the black snake is there to tell us to beware of malicious people with negative intentions. It reminds us to always be self-sufficient and ready to protect ourselves.

It is also a sign of overcoming depression, anxiety and other hard times as well as embracing the unknown and your power. This interpretation lets us think about how we can find new opportunities without fear or anxiety.

In the second interpretation, the black snake is there to guide us through dark times and to assist us in overcoming obstacles to end up happier on the other side.

Black Snake Symbolism

Remember that symbolism is highly subjective, contextual, and impossible to authoritatively interpret. The following interpretations are possible spiritual interpretations only and shouldn’t be relied upon as everyone’s experience is different. These are general potential interpretations only.

Black Snake Symbolism

1. Avoid Dark Energy

The black snake is symbolic in many cultures as a bad omen that is a warning sign that dark energies are surrounding you and your aura.

If you are consistently dreaming of a black snake, in particular, if the snake appears erratic or stressed, it could be a sign that you should avoid negative energy in your life.

Dark energy does not directly relate to witchcraft or other spiritual practices. It could mean that there is just too much negativity in your mind right now and that you should try to be more positive.

People who believe this interpretation is right for them often try to protect themselves by surrounding themselves with positive people who bring them happiness.

If you are a spiritual person, you could do simple things like spending more time with your spiritual practice and making sure you do whatever is important for you to feel that your energy is protected.

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2. Avoid Negative People

If you find yourself being constricted or choked by a black snake in a dream it could be a sign that you should avoid people who could be harmful to your happiness.

If you are feeling suffocated it could be interpreted as a sign that you should evaluate those who you trust and spend time with and think carefully about who to include in your inner circle.

Some people believe that the black snake will appear to you as a warning that you cannot trust everyone, and you need to be careful with who you rely on or confide in.

People who believe this interpretation often choose to listen to their gut. They may think about who they should logically trust and which untrustworthy people they are willing to avoid.

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3. Overcoming Anxiety

If you are dreaming of a black snake striking you or acting aggressively it may be interpreted as a symbol of your struggle with anxiety.

If you have been holding onto anxious or depressed feelings and not allowing yourself to get rid of them the snake may present itself to you to push you to seek ways to recover.

Getting help from a professional is an important step in recovering or managing any mental health concerns and could be the first step to you releasing those negative feelings holding you back.

Some spiritual people interpret the black snake as being there to convey a message from your subconscious that it is time to focus on letting go of anxious feelings inside.

Do not feel worried or guilty about taking proactive steps to better your mental health, instead know that you are doing what is best for you and your loved ones by seeking help.

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4. Power

Snakes are commonly feared animals, and a black snake is often considered one of the most powerful and intimidating of them all.

If you are dreaming of a black snake, and in particular if the dream is from a bird’s eye view or the perspective of the snake it is sometimes interpreted as a sign to acknowledge that you have the power to do whatever you need to do.

Power does not have to be physical; it can be mental, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual.

If you have been holding back or feeling shy the black snake could symbolize that you hold the power and authority within you. Do not be anxious to unlock your full potential and utilize your power in a way that works for you and your own best interests.

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5. Overcoming Hard Times

The black snake can be interpreted as a sign of tough times in your life.

If you see a black snake it does not only mean doom and despair, it can also be a symbol of overcoming the tough times in your life and coming out stronger on the other side.

Some people who have been feeling lost and alone believe that seeing the black snake could be a welcome sign that the best is yet to come.

Overcoming hard times is not something that can always be done easily and without any guidance or help. Do not be afraid to reach out to a friend, family member, or mental health professional if you are needing assistance navigating a difficult scenario.

The black snake may be pushing you in the direction of getting assistance rather than expecting you to have all of the answers yourself.

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6. The Unknown

The black snake represents the unknown in life and if you are seeing the black snake in your dreams it can be interpreted as a sign to embrace the unknown elements in your life and take a leap of faith.

People who have recently been struggling with a decision might see the black snake as a sign to take the plunge into the unknown and give something a try so long as it’s logically a good idea.

The unknown sparks fear in many. However, the black snake is there as a reminder that sometimes broadening our horizons is worthwhile.

If you find you are dreaming about a black snake frequently but aren’t sure what the unknown could be in your life, spend some time thinking about all of the opportunities that have crossed your path. They may be things you haven’t even realized yet.

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Seeing a black snake could have many different potential spiritual meanings. The above are just a few examples of potential interpretations. If you need interpretations specific to your life, consider consulting a spiritual advisor who knows you and your life in more detail. It’s also worth meditating and journaling about your vision to see what it means for you, as the above are only examples and not necessarily the right interpretation for your personal situation.

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