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I am the founder and owner of Fauna Facts. My mission is to write valuable and entertaining information about animals and pets for my audience. I hope you enjoy the site!

Do All Spiders Make Webs?

Not all spiders make webs – about half of all the spider species make webs, while the other half will use other means of catching their prey. This includes ambushing, stalking, or leaping onto the target. It’s fascinating to watch spiders create intricate webs. The primary use of the webs for spiders that do create …

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Can Spiders Regrow Legs?

Spiders can regrow legs if they lose them when molting, fighting, or mating mishaps. After losing the leg, the spider will be able to regrow legs that are smaller and thinner but will replace the lost legs adequately. Spiders have eight legs and (because they don’t have bones) they actually use hydraulic pressure to extend …

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How Often Do Spiders Eat?

Adult spiders eat up to 4 times per day, especially if there is an abundance of food available to them. However, they can also survive several days without food and will sustain themselves for up to 7 days without eating. How often spiders eat will depend on their age, size, gender, and the species of …

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Is a Spider an Arthropod?

Spiders belong to the group of animals called arthropods, which in addition to spiders, also contains animals like lobsters, crabs, mites, insects, centipedes, and millipedes. The main distinguishing feature that unites all arthropods is their external shield made of chitin. The purpose of the chitin exoskeleton is to protect the arthropod from attacks by other …

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How are Queen Ants Born (Or Made)?

Queen ants are born the same as worker ants, but they absorb nutrition better than other ants, which means they become the dominant queen ant of the colony. Queen ants emerge in the colony through two factors: Genetic Factor: The ant larvae that transform into the queen ants have minor genetic variations via a gene …

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Can you Eat Ants?

Yes, you can eat ants. Ants are highly nutritious and ant cuisines are quite popular in many Asian and South American countries. The majority of ant species are safe to eat when cooked. Ants have been seen as a popular dish for centuries owing to their mysterious exotic flavor and high nutritional value. As per …

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Why are Ants Spicy?

Ants are spicy in taste because they contain formic acid in them which they use for defending themselves against predators. Formic acid is generally not harmful to eat especially in such minute proportions unless you are allergic to it. In fact, formic acid was first discovered from ants and hence was given the name from …

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