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10 Penguin Adaptations (Evolutionary Secrets!)

Examples of penguin adaptations include paddle-like flippers, waterproof feathers and counter shades. These evolutionary adaptations help the penguin survive the harsh environment of the Antarctic and also evade predators in the cold sea. While penguins are predators, they are not apex ones. They need to find ways to protect their young, evade enemies and predators …

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15 Birds that Look Like Penguins (List with Pictures)

Examples of birds that look like penguins include Atlantic Puffin, Common Murre, Great Auks, Guadalupe Murrelet, and Horned Puffin. Birds that look like penguins can be found all over the world. While most of these birds aren’t actually related to penguins, they have some features in common that make them look similar. In this blog …

15 Birds that Look Like Penguins (List with Pictures) Read More »

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