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What Eats Otters?

In the sea, the predators of sea otters are the great white sharks and orcas. In freshwater bodies, the otters are part of the menu of alligators, mountain lions, wolves, bears, and other big animals. The otters rarely go to the shore or on rocks in the sea. However, river otters walk on land, and …

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Do Otters Build Dams?

No, otters do not build dams. However, the otters use abandoned dams from time to time. The otters also have hidden entrances underwater, which allows them to protect themselves against predators. Otters have different types of shelters. Sometimes, they stay in hollow logs. An otter’s home is called a den or a holt, and one …

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24 Animals Like Otters (with Pictures)

Examples of animals like otters include badgers, beavers, martens, minks, and raccoons. Otters belong to the family Mustelidae and belong to the order Carnivora. Otters have furry bodies, long tails, and webbed feet that make them excellent swimmers. While they are often found in water, otters can also adapt to living on land. This characteristic allows them to occupy …

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