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How Many Legs Do Jellyfish Have?

Jellyfish don’t have legs, but they have tentacles. The number of tentacles they have varies wildly, as some species only have 15, while others might have thousands. Jellyfish don’t move around using their tentacles or legs. They will use their muscles to push off a pocket of water from underneath the bell to gather momentum, …

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Are Jellyfish Alive?

Jellyfish are alive, even though they might not appear to be. They don’t have brains, but they can move around, eat, and perform other basic functions such as reproduction, excretion, and feeding. Jellyfish are indeed alive. They might appear as though they aren’t, but they still carry out all the functions that a live being …

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How Long Do Jellyfish Live? (Are They Really Immortal?)

The lifespan of jellyfish varies by species. Some jellyfish live for only 12 months, while other jellyfish species might survive for up to 18 months. However, this is only true for the final stage of the jellyfish development when it becomes a fully grown jellyfish. Some scientists argue that jellyfish can live forever. In the …

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